Latest Global News | Winter Fuels COVID Surge: Winter fuels Covid surge in the US

In the United States, there’s an 8.6 percent increase in cases, with 16,239 new hospital admissions in the week ending November 11.
Fourteen states have a big increase in coronavirus hospitalizations, according to the latest CDC maps.
The spike in cases is higher in the upper Midwest, parts of the South Atlantic, and southern Mountain regions.
Health officials expected this because colder weather makes the virus spread more easily.People are concerned, especially with the rise in cases in the United States.
“Colder weather tends to lead to an increased spread in viruses and other infections,” notes the CSC.
A study from 2020 suggests that the Covid virus can last longer in cold and dry conditions, making it harder during certain seasons.
Since late June, the number of people going to hospitals has been going up. It was highest in early September but stayed around 15,000 in October and November. It’s much lower than the peak in January 2021, which was over 150,600 people. But now, there are worrying trends in some states.
Vermont is at the top with a 70 percent increase, and Iowa and Alaska follow with 60 percent. Montana, Minnesota, and Hawaii have increased over 30 percent. Virginia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona, and Washington DC report increases over 20 percent.
“While the magnitude of the rises in some states might be startling, this may be because they represent a relatively low number of hospital admissions”, says the report. Vermont with a 70 percent increase had just 43 hospitalizations in a week.
As spikes in specific areas led institutions to reintroduce mask mandates over the summer, the changing circumstances highlight the crucial need to stay watchful and alert amid fluctuating inflation rates.