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Taylor Swift

Posts Vid of Parents, Travis …

In Club After Super Bowl!!!

Taylor Swift not only hit the club with Travis Kelce and co. after the Super Bowl — but she was there with her parents too … something she caught on camera and posted online.

The pop star threw up some behind-the-scenes footage Monday night showing off what she had gotten up to the night prior, this after the Chiefs’ big win in Vegas … after which Tay Tay and the team hit the town and painted the town red at after-parties.

As it turns out … Taylor brought along her mom and dad — Scott and Andrea — for at least part of the festivities, something she put on display in an awesome TikTok video.

It’s a rare upload for T-Swift (more on this later) and it shows her sitting in a private section of what looks to be Zouk at Resorts World behind the DJ booth … as she pans to her left and records her parents sitting on the couch next to her, sippin’ drinks and taking it all in.

She also recorded Travis who crossed right in front of her … and he made a goofy face.

Taylor wrote … “It’s a friends and family party they said.” She captioned her TikTok further by adding … “accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life.” So far, her video has over 18 million views, with lots of likes.

It’s interesting for a couple reasons — for starters, this appears to be the first time Taylor has posted Travis on her official social accounts, so she’s 100% claiming him now as the BF.

More importantly, though, this is a major change for Taylor … as she normally doesn’t give much of a peek into her private life. Until now, she’d hardly ever shared something like this.

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Just goes to show … she seems to be a whole new person with Mr. Kelce by her side.