What is .NET framework – Full details of .NET।

Today in this article we will learn what is .net framework and where and why it is used. And how it makes our life much easier.

We will also see how we can install the .net framework on our windows computer.

What is .NET framework

.NET Framework is an open source framework developed by Microsoft. This open source framework provides tools and common codes for mobile and software development that are used by software developers to create software’s for mobiles, computers, etc.

There are some such functions in our computers which are same in almost all computers.

To run these function, we have to use the same code and for this reason .NET framework has been created because if there is no .NET framework, then software developers have to put the same code in their software again and again.

Due to which their work increases and the size of their software also increases, which is not a good thing for its performance, hence the development of .NET framework, in which those common codes are already there.

Those who are needed to run the function, which saves the time of the developer and they do not have to write the same code again and again and do not have to add it to their software.

Where is .NET Framework used

The .NET framework is used in almost all computers that have Windows installed and running Windows. Because there are many such functions in windows, for which we need .NET framework.

Whether it is to display an image or to run a program, to run a game, we need .NET framework.

.NET framework is used for software development, where it is used to create software for different devices, such as mobile, computer, .NET framework is used in such things.

If you ever downloaded any software and tried to run it but you got an error that install .NET framework or update .NET framework which means that you will need .NET framework to run that software. Only then you will be able to run that program.

Components of .NET framework –

  1. CLR ( Common Language Runtime )
  2. FCL ( Framework class library )
  3. CTS ( Common type system )

  4. CLS (Common language specification )

Advantages and Disadvantages of .NET framework –

Let us now learn what are the advantages and disadvantages of .NET framework.

Advantages of .NET framework –

Common code – The .NET framework already contains those common codes that are used in almost all computers, due to which software developers do not have to type the same code again and again in their programs. Because by installing the .NET framework, that code comes in your computer.

Scratch Software Development – With the help of .NET framework, you will not have to code any software from scratch, that is, you will not have to code from scratch because those codes are already available in it which you can use in your software development. .

Rapid Software Development – With the help of .NET framework, you can develop any software very fast, which if there was no .NET framework, you would have to build it from scratch and which takes a lot of time and more money. 

Supports Multiple Programming Languages – .NET framework supports many programming languages, this .NET framework supports over 36 programming languages.This saves your time and you do not have to install all the programming languages one by one.

Disadvantages of .NET framework –

Memory leaks – .NET framework also has the problem of memory leak, to solve it it has garbage collector but still it has memory leak problem.

Transition to .NET core – If you want to move an application made in .NET framework to .NET core application, then you will have to face a lot of problems in it, for which you will have to work a lot and have to waste time. .

Install .NET framework –

Now we will see how we can install .NET framework in our windows computer.

To install .NET Framework in our windows computer, first of all we will click on the link given below which will take us to the official website of .NET Framework from where we have to download the exe file of .NET Framework.


Here select whatever version of .NET Framework you want. I would recommend you the latest one as it is the most up to date. After selecting it, you will now get your two options here, one is runtime and one is developer pack.

If you are installing it just for regular work like running an application then you have to install runtime and if you are installing it for any application development then you have to install developer pack.

After the exe file is downloaded, we have to run this exe file, for this we will click on the exe file twice. Before running the exe file, keep in mind that you should close all your applications, that is, close all your applications which were running in your computer, first of all, after which you will have to run the exe file.

Now we have come to the setup wizard of .NET framework where we have to first click on agree at the bottom and then click on install. Now the .NET framework will be installed in your computer, after which you will have to restart your computer once.

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