What is Discord and How to Use it for Voice and Video calls

Today In this article we will talk about what is this Discord App and how and where we can use Discord App. We will discuss everything about Discord App in this article, so read it thoroughly till the end.

What is Discord

Discord App is an app for gamers with the help of which we can chat and make voice call or video call with our friends. You can understand it like WhatsApp, but here you have servers where thousands of people can join and send messages to each other there. Can send images, we can also do group video call and group voice call in it.

This app was first made for gamers who used to play video games with help of voice calls using this app, but nowadays it is also used for many different tasks.

How to use Discord

It is very easy to use the Discord App, first of all, when you install and open discord, then there will be a blank app homepage, you first have to type your friend’s ID there and send them a friend request. After that you can chat with your friend, make video call to him and also send him images and videos.

If you want to create a group with many friends in Discord App, then you will have to create a server for that where you can add many people and all the people can chat together in that server and share images and videos and chat.

What are Discord Servers

Server in Discord App is your private group where you can add your friends by sending them an invite, if your friends click on the link of that invite then they can join that discord server. And after joining, your friends will come in that group and you can now chat with them in your server.

You can also create many different categories in your discord server. Like you can create a category only for images, you can create a category only for music, you can create a category for memes and you can create a server by creating many different categories like this. Categories are called channels in discord.

The person who created a discord server is the admin of this server and he can give admin to someone else or can give any other moderator role.

You can think of it like a WhatsApp group where you can add your friends and chat with them.

What are Roles

A Discord server has different roles that you can create yourself, such as if you create one ” Role A ” and another ” Role B ” then you can give different permissions to those roles that What he can and can’t do. For example, you can allow ” Role A ” to send images to your discord server and you can only allow ” Role B ” to chat.

Now if you give these roles to anyone like if you have given “Role A” to Adam and “Role B” to Viki, then Adam will be able to chat only in your discord server and send images but We have given “Role B” to Viki, so he will only be able to chat in your discord server and will not be able to send images.

And in the same way you can give different permissions to different people in your discord server what they can and cannot do by using roles in discord server.

What is Nitro in Discord

In any discord server, if you want to send an animated gif emote, then you need discord nitro, with the help of which you can send animated gif emote to your server or to any other server or friend. If you don’t have discord nitro then you can just send regular emotes which are not so special.

That’s why we use discord nitro, with the help of which you can use your own created emotes or emote of any different server in your server. With the help of discord nitro, some more features are also added to your discord account such as you can change the number of your username. You can use gif profile picture and discord nitro also increases your file upload limit.

What are Discord Bots

A bot in Discord is an artificial intelligence that is used to do different things in your discord server, such as if someone joins your discord server, then it welcomes them. Or you can also add a music bot to your server, which if you type the name of any song, then it will play that song for you and we use discord bot for different things like this. 

Bots are very important to manage a discord server because it is not so easy to manage a bigger server that has thousands of users, so people use bots which makes their life easier.

How to Install Discord

Android –

If you want to install discord app in android then you have to first go to play store and there you have to search discord. After searching discord, you will have to download discord, after which we have to open it, after opening it will ask you to log in, you will see the button of register below on which you will have to click and enter discord app with your email and a password Have to register in After registering you can login to it and then use it.

iOS – 

To install Discord in iOS, you will first have to open the app store and in the app store you will have to search for the discord app and then install it, register in it after installing and then use it.

Windows –

To install discord in Windows, you have to first go to the official website of discord which is discord.com where you will get the option of download for windows.

You have to click on it, after clicking on download for windows, it will download an exe file. After the exe file is downloaded, we have to run the exe file which will start the setup wizard of discord. After the setup is complete, we will search discord on the search bar of our windows computer and then open it. After opening you will get the option of login again where you can log in or register.

If you want, you can also run discord directly in your web browser, for which you will get the option on discord.com that you will get the option of open discord in your browser, by clicking on which you can login to discord inside the browser and use it there.

Mac –

To install discord in Mac, we will first download its discord.dmg file and then open it, after which we will drag and drop the icon of discord into the application folder so that it will be installed in our Mac.

How to Create a new Server in Discord

It is very easy to create a server in the Discord app. To create a server, you have to first open the discord app.

After opening, you will see a plus sign in the menu which is on the left side of discord app, you will have to click on that plus sign and click on create my own server.

After which you have to select that for whom are we making this server, are we making it only for us and our friends or are we making it for any community or group. After selecting that, you will have to choose a name of your server that you want and then click on create server. After clicking, your discord server will be created in which you can add your friends by sending invite and in this you can make video calls etc with your friends.

How to Create new Roles in Discord

It is very easy to create roles in the Discord app, for which you will first have to open the settings of your discord server and in the settings you will get the option of roles, on which you will have to click, here you will get the option of create roles on which we will click and Now you have to give a name to this role, after giving the name you can give different permissions in it that what this role can do and what it cannot do. If you want to set up discord roles well, then search it on YouTube where there are very good videos on how you can setup roles in discord.

How to add Discord bot to Server

Discord bots can add many different features to your server and to add it, you first have to go to “https://top.gg/” and there you can find lots of different bots. Click on the one you want to add. After clicking, it will take you to the official website of that discord bot where you will get the option of add to discord. On clicking that add to discord option, it will ask you for authorization, for which you will have to type your discord email and password and then click on continue.

Now you have to choose your server here, in which server you want to add this bot and then click on it, after which this bot will come to your discord server and after which you can follow the instruction of this bot. And you can setup this bot.

When is Discord used

We can use Discord for different things like we can use it to talk with our friends if we are playing any multiplayer game. Or we can use it for things like chatting with friends to doing homework together with them.

With this, we can also make video calls and voice calls for free, which are very good features.

We can also use it for online classes because in this we can make video calls and voice calls for a long time without any time limit, for which it does not have to pay money and it is free.

Is Discord FREE

Yes, Discord app is a free app that you can install on your device for free and run forever for free. You do not need to pay any money to run it. You can make video calls, chat and voice calls for free in this without paying any money. You need money for only one thing in this and that is to add some slightly different features to it like animated emotes or animated profile picture, for this you just have to pay money. And you don’t have to pay for the rest. You can run it forever without paying any money and that too without any problem.

Is Discord Safe to use

It depends on how the user running this app uses it and what else it does. There are good things in the discord app and there are some bad things as well, due to which it cannot be called safe and cannot be called dangerous either.

Only people above the age of thirteen can use the Discord app, that means if you are below the age of thirteen, then you should not use this app because you can join different servers in this app, where you have to do something like this. Items may be found that may be inappropriate for you for which it is only suitable for those above the age of thirteen. And some discord servers are only for people above 18 years of age. There can be one more thing in this which is cyberbullying which has a great effect on children.

Conclusion –

In the end, I would like to say that the discord app is a very good app. You can use it to make a voice call, to make a video call, to talk to your family with your friends, or to chat with friends. In this app you can also join other people’s servers in which you can chat with other people as well.

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