What is Android System WebView – How to Install it

Today in this article, we will know what is Android system webview and where do we use it and why Android system webview comes preinstalled in an android device, we will know everything in this article.

What is Android System WebView

Android system WebView is an application in an android device with the help of which you can view a website inside any android app. That is, without typing the link of any website in any other browser, you can see it directly within that app with the help of Android System WebView.

If you have ever clicked any link in any social media apps like telegram, twitter, Facebook then you will notice that the link you clicked is not opened in your web browser instead it opens inside the same app and that is what we call Android system WebView which can open and show us a website inside any android app.

How to Install Android System WebView

Installing Android system WebView is very easy, for this you have to go to play store and type Android system WebView or WebView there and then click install. After clicking on install, Android system WebView will be installed in your android system, after which you can see the links inside any app.

Nowadays most of the android phones that we buy from the market already comes with Android system WebView installed i.e. you do not need to install it from playstore. But if you are using an old phone then you will need to install it.

How to Uninstall Android System WebView

To uninstall Android System WebView, you must first search for it in the play store, after which you will get the option of uninstall. You can also uninstall it by going to the settings of your mobile phone, where you will have to search for it in the system apps and uninstall it.

Can we use Android apps without Android System WebView

Yes, we can run android apps even without Android system WebView because we don’t need this application to run android apps. We need this only when we want to open any link inside an android app. For example, if we are in Facebook, then if we want to open that website in Facebook itself by clicking a link in Facebook, then we use the Android system WebView.

But if you do not have Android system WebView then you can use any regular browser like chrome or Firefox and paste that link in it. Android system WebView comes installed in your Android device just to make your life easier so that you don’t have to download any extra apps or open any extra app just to see a link.

Uses of Android System WebView

Android system WebView is very important because it is used for many such things which are very helpful for a user such as –

If you are running any android app and click on any link there then that link will open inside your app which will save you a lot of time and you will not have to open any external app like chrome browser. The thing is very good and increases the user experience.

And there is one thing which is security. Using the Android system WebView, the security of your android is greatly increased because if you use a payments app such as google pay, then when you open the payment interface there, you will complete your payment in WebView and not an third party browser which is very secure i.e. the security is very high in it, due to which your payment details can never be leaked.

But if you use a regular browser then there are some chances that your payment details may be leaked due to which all payment apps use Android system WebView which increases the security.

Pros of Android System WebView

Let us now see what are the pros of Android system WebView i.e. what are the benefits.

  1. It comes preinstalled in all devices nowadays, that means you do not need to download it from play store.
  2. This makes our payment apps secure i.e. protects its data.
  3. The Android system WebView is user friendly which means that the user finds it very easy to operate because it has very easy controls. And there are no complicated controls, just works like a simple browser.

Cons of Android System WebView

Now we will look at the cons of Android system WebView i.e. some things which are missing –

It is not very customizable, whatever settings Google has already given in it, you have to run it with the help of them, this means that it does not have much options in comparison to a regular browser.

Most people prefer to use a regular browser only and instead of Android system WebView, they use a regular browser for any work.

Now we will discuss some of the problems faced during the installation of Android system WebView which almost everyone has to face. This problem comes to everyone when an Android system tries to install or update WebView.

Android System WebView not updating –

what is android system webview app not updating

If you also want to update the Android system WebView and put it on the update but your update is not complete, then definitely try the solution given below, so that this problem can be fixed for you and it can be updated.

First method – In the first method, you will first have to open your settings and there you will have to find airplane mode and then you will have to turn airplane mode on and off. And then after turning it on and off, try reinstalling the Android system WebView, if it is installed then it means it is fixed, but if it is not installed then try another method.

Second method – In the second method, you will have to open the settings of the mobile again, where you will have to go to your app management or app settings. You will have to go to system apps on the settings of the apps, where you will have to find google playstore. After finding google playstore, click on playstore and force stop it. After force stop, go to the storage of google playstore and clear the data. open playstore again and try to install Android system WebView. It will definitely be installed by this second method.

Unable to Enable Android System WebView

If you are trying to enable Android system WebView in your android phone but it is not working then it may be because chrome browser is installed in your phone. Due to which your android system webview is not working. To fix this, you will first have to go to settings and go to apps and disable the chrome browser, after which you will have to enable the Android system webview again and this time your webview will definitely be enabled without any problem.

Should we Install Android System WebView

This thing completely depends on you, if you want, you can install Android system WebView in your android phone, if you do not want then don’t install.

Because nowadays Android system WebView comes preinstalled in all devices and nowadays most phones are very good at running multiple apps so you can easily install many apps in them and run many apps simultaneously. Due to which you do not have any problem of RAM or memory and your phone runs well.

Who developed Android System WebView

Android system WebView has been developed by Google and it is managed by Google itself, due to which it is very secure and if ever any bug comes due to which there is some problem, then Google fixes it very quickly.

Conclusion –

In the end I would like to say that Android system WebView is a very good thing which is a good thing to have installed in a device because it saves your time and it is very fast but if you do not want it then you can also disable it. Or you can also uninstall, it depends on your choice.

Android system WebView was created by looking at the security of a phone and the performance of that phone because the earlier mobile phones did not have much memory or ram, due to which if a link was opened in another app, then the phone Lag used to start due to which the user had to face a lot of problem due to which this app was developed.

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