How to Upload Profile Video on Facebook [ 2022 Working Method ]

A Facebook profile video is a feature that is getting more and more popular on Facebook these days. Uploading a profile video on Facebook is an excellent way to make your page unique and memorable.

It’s a good way to introduce yourself to the people who don’t know you and showcase your personality and display your style…

Introducing yourself with a video on Facebook can be beneficial for your career or personal life. It helps you connect with potential partners, employers, new friends, and old friends alike.

Why you are Unable to upload Profile Video

Now if you can’t upload a Facebook profile video to your Facebook account then it’s because the feature of adding profile videos has been removed from Facebook in its latest versions, due to which users are unable to add videos to their profiles.

And that is why I have made this blog post which will show you how you can add a profile video on Facebook. This is a working method that you can try, it will take less than 5 min so keep reading.

How to Add Profile Video on Facebook

Now as you know that in the latest versions of Facebook the “Select profile video” option has been removed, so in order to enable that option, we’ll have to download an older version of Facebook.

You have to download the Facebook apk to add a profile video to your Facebook account.

Click on the link below 👇👇👇 to visit our apk download page from where you can download Apks & Mod Apks.

Now before installing the downloaded older Facebook app, you’ll have to first uninstall the Facebook app installed on your device. 

Before uninstalling the Facebook app, make sure that you remember the login info of your account as uninstalling the Facebook app will delete all the data associated with it.

So if you had any login info saved, it will be deleted. After backing up your login info uninstall the latest version of Facebook and install the one that I gave you the link to.

Once installed, open the Facebook app and go to your profile, here now click on the profile picture, and this time you’ll see both the option to Select Profile Video and Take new Profile Video.

After selecting your desired profile video, wait for it to upload and after it finishes uploading and you see your profile picture live on Facebook, exit the app and go to the playstore. 

In the playstore search for Facebook and click on the update button. This will update the Facebook app to the latest version but the profile video will remain, this way you won’t miss on any new feature in new facebook versions and you’ll also have a profile video.

If you want you can continue using the old version of Facebook.

Facebook Profile Video Size and Time limit

Okay, so there’s currently no limit on the video size that you can use as a profile video but there’s actually no point in uploading a 4k profile video as the uploaded video will be compressed by Facebook.

This means the size of the video that you upload will be reduced along with its quality. That’s why just create a 1080p video and use it as a profile video.

Now, when it comes to the time limit there’s a time limit on the length of the video that you can use as a profile video, and the limit is 7 seconds. This means whatever video you upload,  it will be reduced to just 7 seconds.

Select Profile Picture along with Profile Video

Now when you are using a profile video then you won’t be able to select a profile picture without removing the profile video. 

When using a profile video, the static profile picture will be selected from the 0.1 seconds of the profile video. This means that whatever you had at the start of the profile video will automatically become your static profile picture.

Upload Video Profile picture on Facebook using PC

If you are using the web version of Facebook then you won’t be able to add profile video to your Facebook account. You’ll need the mobile app to upload and add a profile video in both android and IOS.

If you have any more questions then comment below. Thank you.

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How do I fix the “App not Installed” error while Installing old Facebook app?

If you are getting the ‘App not Installed’ error then it means that you have not uninstalled the other Facebook installed on your device. First, uninstall the current Facebook app then install the old one. 

If it still doesn’t work then your device probably doesn’t support that version of Facebook. Comment below with your device os and I’ll give you the link for the supported version of Facebook.

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