How to Save Screen Recording directly to USB/SD card in Android

Today I will show you how you can save the screen recordings of your android device directly to the SD card or an external USB/Flash drive without saving them in the internal storage of your android device.

As you know that all the screen recording that you do using your phone’s screen recorder is saved in the internal storage of your phone, it doesn’t give you the option to save the recording somewhere else, like on an sd card or USB.

Now to fix that you can easily download a third-party screen recorder which gives you the option to save your screen recording using that app on your sd card, but the problem with using a third-party screen recorder is that you will have a watermark on your recording, which is something that doesn’t look professional and is better to avoid.

If your phone doesn’t have a pre-installed screen recorder and you are using a third-party screen recorder then don’t worry, I’ll show you how you can save screen recording directly to sd card/USB on both third-party apps and pre-installed screen recorders on our phone.

Inbuilt Screen Recorder

If you are trying to directly save screen recording done by the inbuilt screen recorder of your phone, then here is how you can do it. 

To begin first open the play store, here in the play store search for “Auto Move to SD Card”, the app developer is GoNext, you can also click on this link to download the app from play store – Install it, but don’t open it.

download auto move to sdcard app

Now you will need to find out the location where your inbuilt screen recorder saves its recorded files, to do that first open your screen recorder and create a small recording, save it, and after that open your file manager.

In file manager search for your screen recording, most of the time it is stored in the “DCIM>Screen Recorder” folder of your internal storage, but if it’s not there then you will need to find it manually. Once you find the Screen Recording folder you can proceed to the next step.

find file path of screen recordings

Now take your sd card or a USB and insert it into your android phone, after that open the downloaded Auto Move to SD Card app.

Here on the home screen click on the “Start Now” button and skip the tutorial that the app shows, After that click on the green “Auto Transfer” button.

open and start auto move to sd card app

In the Auto Transfer tab you will need to choose the source folder and the destination folder, in the source folder you will need to select the folder where your screen recordings are stored after finishing.

In my case it will be “Internal Storage/DCIM/Screen Recordings”, it might or might not be different for you.

The destination folder will be the folder in the SD card or USB where you want to screen recording to go directly instead of saving in the internal storage of the phone. After selecting the folder just turn the automatic transfer “ON” by clicking on the button at the top right.

select source and destination and turn on the app

Now every file that goes into the Screen Recording folder will be automatically transferred to the SD card or USB.

Fix Auto Move to SD card not working

Okay so after turning on auto transfer in the app with the location selected, if it’s not working and the screen recordings are still getting saved in your internal phone storage then here are the possible reasons and fixes.

1. Background Running – This app runs in the background and moves every file created in the source folder to the destination folder, which means that if your phone doesn’t allow it to run in the background then this app will not work.

To fix this, go to the app setting then select the Auto move to SD card app and then turn on “Autostart”, after that in Background settings allow it to run in the background instead of restricting it from running in the background.

2. Turn Off Battery Saver – If you have the battery saver turned on then turn it off, battery saver stops apps running in the background which means that it will prevent the Auto Move to Sd card app from running properly. 

3. Recheck Source and Destination – You might wanna check the source and destination in the app, check if it is in the right place or not. Sometimes people just select a different folder and wonder why the app is not working.

Make sure the source is the folder where your screen recordings get saved by default, and the destination folder is the SD Card / USB where you want the screen recording to go.

4. Check Compatibility – If you are using a very old phone, or a cheap Chinese phone, then there might be a chance that the Auto Move to SD Card app is not compatible with your android phone. With the recent changes in google’s policy, there are lots of features that require additional permissions to work.

Third Party Screen Recorder

If you want the third-party screen recorder that you downloaded from the play store to save the screen recordings directly to the SD card / USB instead of the internal storage of your android phone then here is how you can do that.

All you need to do is first open the screen recorder, I am using Xscreen recorder so here are the steps for it, the steps will be the same for all third-party screen recorders.

Go to settings, here look for “Save location, Recording location or storage location”, it will be different for different apps, now it will give you two options, you can choose to either save the Screen Recordings of that app in your internal storage or SD Card, just select SD Card.

change save location in screen recorder

All your screen recording done by that app will now get stored in the SD Card or the USB connected to your Android phone.

Manually Move Screen Recordings

Okay so here’s the easiest way to save the screen recordings to your SD card or USB, all you need to do is open your file manager, here open the folder where your screen recordings are stored.

Here, inside the Screen Recordings folder long press and select all the videos that you want to move to SD Card / USB, after that click on the move option and select the location where you want to move it, in our case, it will be SD card, so just select the SD card and click on “Paste” to move the Screen recording from Internal Storage to SD Card.

move screen recording manually to sd card

That’s it, it will take some time to finish if your screen recording size is very big. And that is how you can Save Screen Recording directly to a USB/SD card in Android. Just use any method that you find easier to do and does not require that much effort.

If the Auto move to SD card app is not working for you then you can use any other alternative apps like Auto File Transfer, Move to SD Card, Link2SD, etc, all these apps will work just fine.

Thanks for reading, if you are having any problems then comment below.

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