How to place Ezoic Placeholders on a WordPress Site | 4 Easy Methods

Today I’ll talk about 4 Easy methods which you can use to place Ezoic Placeholders on your WordPress website. If you want to know how you can place ezoic ads on your WordPress website without any hassle then you have come to the right place.

Now before we see the methods, let’s see what ezoic placeholders are and why placing them in the right place is important.

What are Ezoic Placeholders?

According to Ezoic, Placeholders are “potential ad locations” where ezoic may or may not display an ad depending upon the user. Whether to place ads or not in these placeholders is decided by Ezoic AI for the best user experience and revenue.

That is why it’s best to place as many placeholders as you can on your website, this will at first look like spam but once the AI learns more about your site, the site earnings will increase, and also the user experience will get better. 

Now that we know what ezoic placeholders are, let’s see how we can add ezoic placeholders to our WordPress website.

1. Using Ezoic Browser Extension

Okay so using the Ezoic Browser Extension to add Ads placeholders is the recommended method according to Ezoic, as it is easy to do and does not require any change on the backend of your website, but this method is something that I don’t recommend. 

Before you know why let’s see how you can use the ezoic browser extension to place ezoic placeholders.

1. First go to Click on ezoic and then click on “Add to Chrome”. Ezoic extension is not available on firefox.

2. After adding the Ezoic extension to your chrome browser, go to your website URL, first make sure to log out of your website because the extension won’t work if you are logged in to your website admin.

3. Now once you are logged out, click on extensions then click on the ezoic extension. This will open the extension. 

4. Now to be able to add an ezoic placeholder on your website you will need to click on the “Create” tab. Then click on “ Select Location”.

5. This will start the edit mode where using your mouse you can add ezoic placeholders anywhere you like. 

6. Click any place where you want to add a placeholder, this will add a placeholder space there, click on “insert here” to add a placeholder. Select any custom ad size or keep it to default then click “Save changes” or click the “red x” to cancel. 

7. Click on “Turn off Edit Mode” to save the changes.

Why don’t I recommend using the Ezoic extension to place ads placeholders?

The reason why I don’t recommend you to use the Ezoic browser extensions is that it requires a lot of work and time for setting up placeholders on your WordPress website using the ezoic extension.

When you place one placeholder in one of your website posts, the ezoic ai starts placing placeholders on other posts of your website automatically.

Now you might be thinking that it’s a great feature. Believe me, it’s not, the placeholders placed by the ai are very random in some cases, which means they will show ads in places where you should not place ads, thus making the user experience bad.

Also one of the biggest problems with using the ezoic extension to place placeholders is that whenever you change the appearance of your website, like you changed the sidebar position, added something, then there’s a very high chance that the placeholders placed on your sidebars and other parts of the site like header and footer will disappear.

So if you see a drop in revenue, then it’s probably because some placeholders of your website disappeared. This used to happen a lot on my website, because of which I stopped using the ezoic extension.

2. Using Ad Inserter Plugin

Now, if you want an easy method to place ezoic placeholders that are very customizable then you can use an ad manager plugin called “Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads”.

This plugin allows you to add Html ad codes to your WordPress website in the frontend and it is highly customizable.

To Set it up, first, login to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Plugins > Add new. Search for “Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads”, install and activate the plugin.

After activating the plugin you can access it by going to Settings > Ad inserter. 

ad inserter plugin

In the plugin, you will have 16 code blocks, where you can place your ad codes. You can place your ad codes in these blocks and select where you would like them to display on your website. 

You can select the location, page, category, tags, etc, where you want to display the ad. There are tons of customization options in this plugin that will help you a lot in managing your ezoic placeholders.

Like if you want your ezoic placeholder to show after three paragraphs then just copy your ezoic placeholder code and paste it in the first code block, scroll down and in “Insertion” select “After paragraph” on the right side of it, select the number of paragraphs after which you want to ad code to appear and click on save changes.

add ezoic placeholder in ad inserter

Just like this if you want to add another placeholder then copy the placeholder code and paste it into the 2nd code block of the plugin. Select after paragraph in “insertion” and where you want the placeholder to appear after the 1st ad code.

Now, this plugin is great but the problem with this plugin is that it has limited ad blocks where you can place your ezoic placeholder code. This means that if you are writing longer posts and have lots of different variations of placeholders then this plugin will not be sufficient.

3. Manually using html blocks

Now, this is a straightforward method to add ezoic placeholders to your WordPress site.

First, log in to your Ezoic dashboard and go to “Monetization Tab”, here in the monetization tab scroll down a little and click on the “NEW PLACEHOLDER” button. Select the placeholder location from the dropdown, like if you want to use it at the top of your sidebar then select “Sidebar Top”, name the placeholder and click on “SAVE” to create the placeholder.

create new ezoic placeholders

After creating the placeholder click on the bracket at the right side of the ezoic placeholder. This will display the ezoic placeholder ad code that you will need to copy.

copy ezoic placeholder code

Now log in to your WordPress website admin panel and go to “Appearance > Widgets” here in the widget’s settings drag and drop a “Custom Html” widget to the sidebar and paste the ezoic ad code there and click save. Ezoic will now display an ad in the place where you added the placeholder.  

add html ad block to sidebar

Similarly, if you want to add the ezoic placeholder in your blog posts then all you need to do is create multiple new placeholders (use one placeholder only one time in a single post). After that in the WordPress editor, search for the Html block and click on it, now paste the ezoic placeholder code in it.

I recommend placing ezoic placeholders after “every three to five paragraphs” like, place one at the start of the post, after five paragraphs place one again and repeat the process.

4. Using Shortcode plugin

Using a Shortcode plugin is the recommended method to place Ezoic placeholders on your WordPress website because it’s easy to use and you can easily manage your placeholders through the shortcode plugin.

I am also using a shortcode plugin to place ezoic placeholders on my website. The plugin that I am using is called “Shortcoder”. You can download the plugin from here, Or you can search for it.

After installing and activating the plugin, go to Shortcoder > Create Shortcode. Here name your shortcode, paste the ezoic placeholder code at the bottom and click on publish. Just like this, create all the shortcodes that you need.

create ezoic placeholder shortcode

After creating the shortcodes you can see all the shortcodes by going to Shortcoder > All Shortcode. Copy the shortcode of the ezoic placeholder that you want to add to your blog post.

Now in the editor click on the plus icon and search for shortcode, here select “shortcode” and not “shortcoder”. After that in the shortcode block paste the shortcode that you copied from the shortcoder plugin.

add shortcode to blog post

That’s how you can use the shortcode plugin to add ezoic placeholders on your WordPress website.

The plus point of using a shortcode plugin instead of using an ad manager plugin is that the shortcoder plugin is lightweight, you can create unlimited shortcodes, its easy to switch from ezoic to other ad networks because all you need to do is remove the ezoic ad code and place any other ad code by editing the shortcode.

This is the method that I use and also recommend you to use for your WordPress website.

And that is how you can place ezoic placeholders on your WordPress website using ezoic browser extension, ad inserter plugin, Html blocks, and shortcoder plugin. If you have any questions then comment below. Thank you.

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