Latest NorthEast India News | Tripura: Two Bangladeshi nationals detained after alleged forcible entry into the state

The Border Security Force (BSF) has detained two Bangladeshi nationals on November 19 late night after they were allegedly pushed in Tripura forcefully by border touts in Mohanpur under West Tripura District

The bangladeshi nationals were identified as Ansari Ali and Ayesha Akhter, both residents of Bogra, Bangladesh, were apprehended by border guards while attempting to enter the country illegally. The duo claimed to have embarked on this journey with hopes of finding employment after connecting through Facebook. 

According to Ayesha Akhtar, the two were coerced into the illegal entry by brokers who allegedly extorted 14, 000 taka in Bangladeshi currency and 10 thousand taka from them, respectively. Ayesha mentioned that her reluctance to make the journey was due to her lack of an Aadhaar card. Despite her objections, the brokers reportedly resorted to physical violence, compelling them to cross the border with the aid of a ladder.

The two detainees reported that upon reaching the other side, they were accosted by unidentified individuals who seized their money and mobile phones. The perpetrators allegedly robbed them before the duo was caught by jawans of the border guarding force at Mohanpur BOP last night.

On November 20, the border guards officially handed over Ansari Ali and Ayesha Akhter to the Tripura Police.