Latest NorthEast India News | Tripura: IPFT meets Governor, demands TIPRALAND for survival of indigenous people

The Indigenous People of Front of Tripura (IPFT) ruling ally of Tripura’s BJP government met Governor of the state Indrasena Reddy demanding to full-fill their long standing demand which is Tipraland a separate proposed state for greater interest of the indigenous people of Tripura.

A seven member delegation of IPFT including its  President Prem Kumar Reang, Cooperation Minister Sukla Charan Noatia met the Governor on Monday late evening.

They said that IPFT is demanding for creation of newly full-pledged separate state namely since 2009 as the the indigenous people of Tripura ever facing chronic multifarious problems during last 75 years.

In the memorandum the IPFT leader said that population explosion in Tripura due to enormous infiltration of foreign nationals. 

“The aborigines people  who were the ruler of Tripura reduced to slandering minority due to massive influx illegal infiltration and settlement in the state from Bangladesh. Exploitation, oppression, suppression, atrocities and deprivation from their basic minimum requirement as a citizen of India for the last 75 years are the way of life of miseries of indigenous people, Minimum civic amenities, quality education, drinking water facilities, road connectivity, sanitation and health care, electricity etc. are still distance dreams in the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council  Scheduled hill area till date”, it reads.

They said that the indigenous people of the state only seek to survive with their own identity, safety & security same as the rest of citizens of the national mainstream.

“As you are also certainly aware that the Pre-poll political alliance with a joint statement between BJP and IPFT have also been made by giving assurance   on the basis of our demand before the General Election to the Tripura Legislative Assembly, 2018. And accordingly we have been formed the government and ruling the present state government since 2018 and till date. As per the Joint Statement of Political Alliance between BJP and IPFT the Inter-ministerial High Level Modality Committee has been formed and the final recommendation Reports of High Level Committee for immediate implementation is awaiting but it’s crossing 6 (Six) years”, it reads.

They claimed that in order to address the above problems and conditions, the creation of a newly full-pledged separate state TIPRALAND is the only way for permanent solution of the above enlisted problems to survival peoples & security or safeguard in their homeland as rest of citizens of the national mainstream.

“In views of the above, we, therefore placing our demand before your esteem honour and earnestly request to your assent to the Government of India for full-fill our long standing demand for greater interest of the indigenous people of Tripura”, it added.