Latest NorthEast India News | Sikkim Education Minister introduces Seven New Universities Bill at Assembly

Sikkim, Feb 12: In a noteworthy conclusion to the Tenth Assembly, Seventh Session (Part III) of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, significant deliberations and key announcements took center stage.

The assembly commenced with a solemn moment of remembrance, offering an obituary reference to honour the late SLA Legislator SB Subedi.

Highlighting a commitment to regulatory enhancement, Constructional and Machinery Transport Minister MN Sherpa introduced the “Sikkim Enlistment of Constructional and Machinery Equipments Bill 2024.”

Education Minister KN Lepcha presented the ambitious “Seven New Universities Bill,” introducing bills for Orchid University, Gurukul Vidhyapeeth University, Matrix Stexttech University, Duke International University, Sikkim Medical Science University, Management and Information Technology University, and Shri Rukmani Dwarkadhish University of Science and Technology.

Addressing the imperative of urban development, UDD Minister LB Das put forward the “Sikkim Town and Country Planning Bill 2024.”

Legislation concerning the welfare of legislators was introduced by Minister KN Lepcha, who oversees the Law & Parliamentary Department. The “Sikkim Legislative Members (Payment of Pension and Medical Allowances) (Amendment) Bill 2024” was proposed to underscore welfare measures for legislators.

Chief Minister PS Tamang, who also heads the state’s finance ministry, presented the first supplementary demand grant for 2023-24, outlining crucial financial priorities. The one-day assembly session saw active participation, with 29 legislators out of 32 in attendance.