Latest NorthEast India News | Rs 200 cr allocated for integrating wetlands with Brahmaputra for floodwater diversion

Guwahati, Feb 12: One of the major issues that affects normal lives in rural and urban areas is artificial flooding during the monsoon season. To mitigate the problem, the state government is going to embrace innovative strategies by integrating wetlands with the Brahmaputra River for flood water diversion.

While tabling the budget for the financial year 2024–25, Assam Finance Minister Ajanta Neog on Monday allocated an amount of Rs. 200 crore for the major paradigm shift in the practice of flood management from traditional embankments to integrated management of wetlands and the flood waters of the Brahmaputra River.

According to a survey by the North-East Space Application Center (NESAC), a total of 271 wetlands/lakes (that are larger than 10 hectares) were found to be suitable for floodwater diversions.

“In the initial phase, a few large wetlands are identified for rejuvenation and restoration creating additional storage capacity of 220 lakh cubic meter for water storage,” Neog said.

“NESAC has further carried out a hydrological analysis of the flood-causing rivers and it is observed that the flood peak of some rivers may reduce from 20 percent to 80 percent after floodwater diversion. This initiative is expected to significantly boost tourism, revive the depleting ground water aquifers and also revive already fragile aquatic ecosystem, supporting the livelihoods of local communities dependent upon these ecosystem services, in a sustainable manner,” she added.