Latest NorthEast India News | NIT Sikkim faces uproar as students expose harsh conditions

Sikkim, Feb 13: Students from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Sikkim have sounded the alarm, likening their circumstances to those of inmates rather than students.

In a letter directed to the media, they shed light on issues like monopoly, favouritism, and nepotism prevailing within the college, accompanied by allegations of mental and physical assaults by faculty and staff.

The letter reveals that fundamental rights are allegedly being disregarded, highlighting the absence of a student union and the suppression of dissent with threats of fines and academic repercussions.

The students express concern over compromised education quality due to under-qualified faculty, substandard hostel accommodations, and coercion into signing affidavits prohibiting protests or seeking external assistance.

Despite efforts to bring attention to these issues, students claim their grievances have fallen on deaf ears, particularly pointing fingers at the institute’s director, who is accused of perpetuating favouritism.

Urgent intervention is sought to rectify these reported violations of student rights and welfare, aiming to restore justice and fairness within NIT Sikkim.