Latest NorthEast India News | Mizoram: Assam Rifles apprehends Myanmar national in Siaha district

Assam have apprehended a Myanmar national in Mizoram’s Siaha district. The Myanmar national was apprehended during a routine checking by a mobile vehicle check post intercepted a vehicle during search. 

Acting on spefici intelligence, Assam Rifles establshed a Mobile Vehicle Check Post (MVCP) in Siahatlangkawn, Siaha district, Mizoram. They intercepted a vehicle and, upon conducting a search, apprehended the Myanmar national who was found in possession of 100 units of UV-10R (Walkie Talkie Sets with antennas), along with batteries and charging sets.

The apprehended Myanmar national as been identfied as Chungtu, aged 38, and hails from Hakha in Myanmar. 

The estimated cost of the walkie talkie set is estimated to be Rs 2 lakhs. The recovered stores and the apprehended individual have been handed over to the police.

The apprehension of the Myanmar national comes at a time when the issue of fencing the Indo-Myanmar border has become a heated issue. 

Union Home Minister Amit Shah had recently announced that the Centre would be constructing a fence along the entire 1643-kilometer-long Indo-Myanmar border. He added here that to facilitate better surveillance, a patrol track along the border will also be paved.

Most recently, on February 8, Home Minister Shah declared the scrapping of the Free Movement Regime (FMR) between India and Myanmar. The Free Movement Regime, which facilitated unrestricted movement of people within designated areas along the India-Myanmar border, has been a subject of scrutiny due to concerns regarding security threats and demographic shifts. 

Meanwhile, the move to fence the Indo-Myanmar border and the scrapping of the FMR has been met with opposition by tribes that live in states bordering Myanmar.