Latest NorthEast India News | Manipur State Lottery Results Today – 11th February, 2024

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Must Know About Manipur State Lottery

The Director, Manipur lotteries issues lottery tickets for every day. Price of each lottery ticket is Rs. 6.00. The Manipur state lottery is being conducted at Chandel District, Manipur – 797001. The Manipur lotteries are organised by the Director of Manipur State Lotteries. If you have purchased an Manipur Morning/evening lottery ticket & you own the lucky lottery ticket, following are the required things to claim the lucky prize…

1. Present your ticket(intact & non-damaged),

2. Copy of the claim forms available online,

3. A government-recognised photo ID and,

4. A Passport size photographs

NOTE: The authorities will not accept tampered or mutilated tickets