Latest NorthEast India News | Manipur Governor Uikey inaugurates Sanamahism workshop, advocates for cultural legacy

Governor of Manipur Anusuiya Uikey on November 20 inaugurated the demonstration and performance classes of a 15-day workshop on ‘rites-de-passage’ of Sanamahism at Lainingthou Sanamahi Sanglen today. The event aimed to promote awareness about the rich cultural heritage of Manipur, particularly focusing on the rituals associated with Sanamahi religion.

Upon her arrival at the temple, Governor Uikey received a traditional ritual reception by Amaiba, Pena, and Amaibi Loisang, accompanied by a traditional Guard of Honour presented by Kabui Loisang. As part of the inauguration, Miss Uikey offered prayers to Goddess Ima Leimarel Shidabi and Supreme Lord Lainingthou Sanamahi. She also took part in the traditional method of extracting sacred fire (Meiba Chingba/Mairapmei) performed by the Kabui community and planted a tree sapling at the site of the sacred pond.

During her address to the gathering, Governor Uikey expressed her pride in Manipur’s unique and beautiful culture, religion, and traditions. She stated the importance of preserving cultural roots and encouraged the people to showcase Manipur’s cultural richness to the world.

Governor Uikey  handed over appreciation certificates to the resource persons of the workshop, acknowledging their contributions. She praised the efforts of Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board and Manipur Cultural University for organizing workshops on Sanamahi religion’s rites since 2022, aiming to create awareness among all members of the community.

Sanamahi religion, prevalent among the Meitei people of Manipur, worships ancestors, emphasizing the gratitude for their blessings. Governor Uikey highlighted that the rituals of any community mirror its religious beliefs, citing the birth (Pokpa), marriage (Luhongba), and death (Korou Nongaba) rites of the Sanamahi religion as reflections of Meitei Sanamahi’s religious philosophy.

The workshop, open to individuals of all age groups, seeks to engage those interested in understanding Manipuri culture. Governor Uikey urged cooperation in establishing a spirit of peace, harmony, brotherhood, and love in the state. She encouraged citizens to avoid believing in rumors, cooperate with the administration and security forces, and contribute to making the state as prosperous and peaceful as before.

Governor Uikey participated in the event by joining the Meira Thougal (Evening Lighting Prayer). Shri Vidyapati Senjam, Vice President of the Sanamahi Temple Board, and Prof. P. Gunindro, Vice Chancellor of Manipur University of Culture, also graced the occasion as President and Guest of Honour, respectively.