Latest NorthEast India News | Indian Navy Veterans Released from Qatar After Espionage Charges

NEW DELHI: In a recent development, Doha has released a total of Veteran Indian Navy personnels who were pronounced to death in Qatar. The Ministry of External Affair played a major role to ensure the safe home return of the personnels. As announced through an official announcement on Monday, 7 out of the 8 Navy Officers have landed in India.

The Government of India expressed the assertive nod to the Qatar’s decision, acknowledging the Amir’s role in securing the release of individuals involved in the Dahra Global scenario. In relation to the talks with the Amir of Qatar at the COP28 summit held in Dubai, PM Narendra Modi stressed on bilateral cooperation and the interests of Indians in Qatar. These discussions likely contributed to the successful outcome of the negotiations.

As per a formal statement as issued by Union Government states that India heartily welcomes the 8 Indian nationals who were detained in Qatar. They also extended a thankful gesture to the Emir of the state of Qatar for cooperating to enable the release of the former Indian Navy officers.

Prior to it the Qatari Court has reduced the death penalty of these personnels who were detainted in the Dahra Global case as per official statement issued. It has been amended as per prison terms. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Indian representative Jaiswal highlighted the time-sensitive nature of the legal process, noting the window for appealing the court decision to the Supreme Court of Qatar, Court of Appeal.

Pending a detailed decision, the MEA is in close contact with the legal community and families of veterans. They reaffirmed their commitment to expand consular and residential legal assistance as needed. As per the statement by the spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Emir of Quatar Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad involved in a poisitive discussion and dialogue in regard to the billateral relationship which is a positive state of affair for both the nations.