Latest NorthEast India News | Haryana: Rapid Action Force personnel injured in farmers’ protest, rushed to civil hospital in Ambala

Tensions flared at the Punjab-Haryana borde as clashes erupted between protesting farmers and law enforcement personnel. The escalation led to injuries among Rapid Action Force (RAF) personnel, who were promptly brought to the Civil Hospital in Ambala for medical attention.

The clash took place as Haryana Police detained protesting farmers at Shambhu along the border with Punjab on February 13. The farmers, intent on marching to Delhi to voice their demands, encountered resistance from security forces as they attempted to breach barricades erected to halt their progress. Reports indicate that the farmers resorted to pelting stones, damaging a bridge, and forcibly trying to remove barricades.

Amidst the standoff, the Punjab Police took a different approach, allowing protesting farmers to cross the Rajpura bypass en route to Ambala, Haryana, on their journey towards Delhi. However, tensions reached a boiling point at the Punjab-Haryana Shambhu border, where protesters sought to break through cement barricades using their tractors.

As the situation intensified, scenes of chaos unfolded, with some farmers resorting to vandalism, including damaging the bridge and dismantling police barricades.

In response to the escalating unrest, police forces resorted to using tear gas to disperse the protesters, further fueling the volatile atmosphere at the border.

The clashes come on the heels of a failed dialogue between farmer leaders and Union ministers late Monday night. Despite lengthy discussions, an impasse remained on key demands, prompting over 200 farmer unions to proceed with their ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest march. While the government claimed consensus on most issues and proposed a committee to address remaining concerns, the deadlock persists.