Latest NorthEast India News | Changlang DC denies reports of land allotment to Chakmas-Hajongs

BORDUMSA: In response to recent media reports alleging fraudulent land allotment to Chakmas-Hajongs refugees in Arunachal Pradesh, Changlang Deputy Commissioner Sunny Kumar Singh vehemently refuted the claims, asserting that “not a single inch” of land had been allocated to the communities.

Singh categorically denied any violation of government procedures, emphasizing that the issuance of Resident Proof Certificates (RPC) adhered strictly to standing orders.

He challenged the accusers, labelling the allegations by a student body as false and urged them to provide substantiated evidence to support their claims.

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Addressing the media, the Deputy Commissioner attributed the controversy to the district’s stringent measures against illegal coal and timber smuggling.

He clarified that the media content was a consequence of ongoing preventive actions taken by the Changlang district administration to curb unlawful activities.

An inquiry revealed a crackdown on a network of illegal coal and timber mafias operating in areas such as Miao, Kharsang, Jairampur, Bordumsa, and Changlang.

The district administration, in its efforts to counter these activities, has lodged FIRs, leading to arrests and disruptions in the mafias’ operations, he informed.

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Furthermore, the DC claimed that the administration it is committed to environmental preservation, citing the cancellation of land allotment requests by indigenous applicants due to non-compliance with forest department procedures. 

He further stated that there was a need to protect the district’s green landscape and natural resources, discouraging actions that could jeopardize the state’s tourist attractions.

In light of the proliferation of misinformation on social media, Singh also said that there was importance of fact-finding and cross-checking information.

“The misleading information is a deliberate attempt to malign my office and bears no authenticity”, declared the official.