Latest NorthEast India News | Assam Rifles extends help to Aizawl orphanage in building ‘Smart Class’ for community usage

In an effort to revolutionise education with state-of-the-art infrastructure even in the far flung areas of the northeastern states, Assam Rifles on November 19 helped provide vital items for the amendment of Thalai Hmasawn Pawl Orphanage Centre Mission at Vengthlang in Aizawl city for setting up a ‘smart class’ for community usage.

The Thalai Hmasawn Pawl Orphanage Centre lacks on basic teaching infrastructure. The Authorities of the orphanage had requested the Assam Rifles to assist them with the setting up of a smart class for community usage.

On the setting up of the smart classes, children and other locals would be able to use the modernized methods for education which will help them in better concept formation, and elaboration, leading to academic achievements. 

The motive for organizing the event was to build up trust between the locals and security forces.
The Thalai Hmasawn Pawl Orphanage authorities welcomed the initiative taken and appreciated the efforts made by the Assam Rifles for the assistance they provided.