Latest NorthEast India News | Assam minister Pijush Hazarika says Congress will win one seat in Lok Sabha polls

Assam cabinet minister Pijush Hazarika has said that the Congress party will manage to win just one constituency in next year’s Lok Sabha elections. 

Hazarika reacted to the recent statement by Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president Pijush Hazarika that the Congress is sure to register a thumping victory in the Lok Sabha elections next year. 

Speaking to the media, Hazarika said that Bora and the other Congress leaders are speaking out of pure fantasy. He said that while BJP will win 14 Lok Sabha seats next year, Congress will manage to win just one constituency. He further said that Congress and another party will manage to win two Lok Sabha seats.

“Bhupen Bora can say anything. But Congress will win only one constituency. I can’t say which one. They will win one constituency out of 12 in Assam. They cannot win anywhere else. They are all speaking out of pure fantasy. We will all get the election results by May. BJP will win in 12 constituencies. And two parties will share two seats among themselves. One is the Congress and the other will go to another party. This is the truth,” said Hazarika.

Meanwhile, Hazarika also reacted on the public outreach programme which has been started by the Raijor Dal party. The Raijor Dal today began a public outreach programme while being led by party chief Akhil Gogoi, in a bid to reach out to the voters in the state. 

Reacting to the Raijor Dal’s public outreach programme, Hazarika said that people know Raijor Dal as a party of just one person, Akhil Gogoi. He also said here that people dont know anybody else from the party except Gogoi.

“It is called Raijor Dal (people’s party), but it is the property of a few persons. Except for Akhil Gogoi, nobody knows their vice president and general secretary. Everyone know that Raijor Dal is a party of a person named Akhil Gogoi. People are not with them. Since they are going among the people from today, I will comment on their public outreach programme after observing it for a few days,” said Hazarika.