Latest NorthEast India News | Assam: Crackdown against Dhubri usurers, 3 arrested against illegal moneylending

Gauripur police successfully apprehended three usurers against illegal moneylenders on Sunday night. The arrests came after extensive searches across various regions in Dhubri district.

Mohammad Ali of Gauripur Malatikhamar village, Shafiqul Islam of Ashtamirchar in Alamganj Part-Vl, and Motiar Rahman of Alomganj Part-lX village, have been accused of exploiting the public with exorbitant interest rates for an extended period.

This action by the police aligns with the Assam government’s firm stance against usurers as directed in recent directives. The crackdown aims to curb the menace of illegal moneylending providing relief to the affected communities.

The Gauripur police took the three suspects into custody transporting them to the police station for further investigation. However, insufficient evidence against Motiar Rahman resulted in his release last night.
The move reflects a determined effort by law enforcement to address the longstanding issue of usury in the region.