Latest NorthEast India News | Assam: Congress to contest independently in five constituencies in upcoming Lok Sabha elections

The Congress Screening Committee has made a crucial decision regarding the upcoming elections in Assam, opting to contest independently in five constituencies. This strategic move indicates the party’s commitment to navigating the electoral landscape without forming alliances.

President Bhupen Bora has granted his approval, solidifying the party’s stand for an independent electoral approach. In the coming days, the Congress is expected to unveil the list of candidates for these constituencies, shedding light on the individuals chosen to represent the party in this crucial electoral battle.

Simultaneously, the opposition party is set to adopt a nuanced strategy by fielding two candidates in nine other constituencies. This move is aimed at maximizing the party’s presence and influence across a broader spectrum. 

The decision reflects a calculated electoral approach, signaling the Congress party’s confidence in its candidates and its strategic vision for the upcoming polls in Assam. 
As the political landscape evolves, observers will closely monitor the developments, candidate announcements, and the overall impact of this decision on the electoral dynamics of the state.