Latest NorthEast India News | Assam: AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal a ‘broker’, slams former Congress MP from Dhubri

The AIUDF Supremo Badruddin Ajmal has been condemned for severe atrocities by three-time former Dhubri Lok Sabha MP Abdul Hamid, in a shocking turn of events. 

The MP has alleged that the Assamese community and the Miyas are being deliberately separated by Ajmal.

“Badruddin Ajmal is not a contractor of Muslims; he’s a broker,” asserts Hamid, highlighting what he perceives as Ajmal’s questionable role within the Muslim community and criticizing his behaviour, labelling him as a man with uncivilized and uncultured tendencies.

Hamid believes that Ajmal plays a dubious position in the Muslim community since, although he travels to Delhi, Mumbai, and other cities for better treatment, back home in Assam, he frequently connives to make people laugh by blowing his magical air into water bottles.

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The controversy deepens as Hamid points to an incident involving a Seleng Sador, a garment considered a pride of the Assamese people. Hamid claims that Ajmal’s act of discarding the Seleng sador is indicative of a deliberate attempt to tarnish the culture and heritage of Assam.

“Badruddin Ajmal is trying to spoil the spirit of Assamese by throwing away the Seleng Sador associated with the life of Assamese people,” alleges Hamid, accusing Ajmal of undermining the cultural fabric that binds the diverse communities in the region.

According to Hamid, Ajmal has become a key player in the political landscape, brokering for the BJP, which raises questions about the alliance between AIUDF and BJP.

As these explosive allegations unfold, it remains to be seen how they will impact the political dynamics in Dhubri and beyond. The rift between Abdul Hamid and Badruddin Ajmal brings to light not only personal animosities but also broader concerns about cultural sensitivity and political alliances in the region.