How to Install a XAPK on Android without PC

Today I will show you how you can install an XAPK file on your Android device without the need for a computer or PC.

If you are downloading any app or game from the internet then chances are that the file that you are downloading is a xapk instead of the regular apk file, now the problem with this file type is that you cannot install xapk directly like you can install an apk.

To know why you will need to first know what a xapk is and how it is different from the regular apk.

What is XAPK

XAPK is a new file type that contains all the files of an app or game, files like images, scripts, fonts, and the apk of the app or game are all stored in a single file extension called XAPK. This is very helpful for people that want to install apps and games from third-party websites and app stores.

Previously, before the introduction of XAPK, people used to download both the apk and OBB files (data files) separately which was not very convenient, due to which XAPK was introduced by using which we can install an app or game completely with just one file.

What is the difference between APK and XAPK

The only difference between an APK & XAPK is that an APK can be installed on your android phone directly without the need for an external app or without going through extra steps to install it.

Installing a XAPK on Android

Okay, so now let’s see how we can install an XAPK on our Android phone without the use of a PC. I will show you multiple methods to do this, the first one will be a direct install method and the other ones will be using apps.

Using File Manager

To install an XAPK using a File manager you will need to first install zarchiver, which is a file manager app for android. You can download zarchiver from the play store by going to this link here –, It’s around 3Mb in size, install it and open it.

If you are opening zarchiver for the first time, then you might get asked to allow storage permissions, allow it to continue. Inside zarchiver go to the folder where you have the xapk file downloaded.

For most people, the downloaded files from the internet will be stored in the Download folder. Locate the xapk file and long press on it. This will bring up a menu from the bottom, click on “Rename”, now rename the xapk files extension from “.xapk” to “.zip”. Once done save it.

rename xapk file

Now click on the saved zip file, click on view. Now look for the OBB file, the OBB file will be named like “com.something.something”, long-press the OBB file and click on “Copy”.

[ If there are multiple OBB files or you cannot find the obb file then use the other methods shown in this blog post ]

On the top of the app click on your file path, after that click on Device Memory then go to Android, then OBB, and paste the OBB file there by clicking the clipboard icon at the bottom of the zarchiver app.

copy and paste obb files

After pasting the obb file, go back to the zip file and click on the .apk file, click on Install to install the xapk file on your android using zarchiver.

Using Apkpure App

Now if the file manager method didn’t work for you or it was too complicated then you can follow this method instead to install a xapk on your android.

To begin, first, install the official apkpure app that you can search for on Google or you can use this link here –, Download the latest version of Apkpure and install it.

After downloading and installing apkpure, open it. Allow all the permissions it asks for, like storage and phone. After that in the apkpure app, click on “ME” at the bottom right corner, after that click on “App Management”.

How to Install a XAPK on Android without PC

Now in the App Management tab go to APK/XAPK MANAGEMENT, here you will see all the xapks and apks downloaded on your device, click on install.

Your phone will now ask for permissions to install from unknown sources, allow it, and go back to continue.

If the app brings you back to the home screen then just go to apk/xapk management again and install the xapk that you want to install.

That is how you can install a xapk on your android device using the apkpure app.

Using Apk Installer by Uptodown

If Apkpure didn’t work for you then you can use the Apk Installer by Uptodown, you can download the uptodown apk installer from google play store by simply searching for “Apk Installer by Uptodown” or you can just download it from its website at –

Install the app and open it, it will ask for file and storage permissions, allow it to continue. On the home screen click on Install Apps.

Now here you will see all the xapks and apks downloaded on your android phone, look for the xapk that you want to download and click on it. This will now take a few minutes to finish and your xapk will be installed.

Using XAPK Installer

Now, as the name says, it is an app that is made for installing xapk files on your android. You can download XAPK Installer from the play store by searching for “XAPK Installer”, the developer is MTV Mobile.

Download and install the app and open it, in the home screen of the app you will need to first provide the app two permissions to work, the first will be Install Packages and the second will be Read and Write permissions. Click on both of them and allow the app the permissions.

After providing the necessary permissions to the app, click on the Install XAPK button and select the “Automatically search for XAPK” option.

Once the search finishes, all the xapk files stored in your device will show up here, click on the download icon next to it to install the xapk on your android.

And that is how you can install a xapk file using the xapk installer on android.

What is the Recommended Method to install a XAPK?

The method that I recommend you to use to install a xapk on your android device is using the apkpure app. Using Apkpure installer is easy and has fewer chances of error compared to other apps like uptodown installer and XAPK Installer.

Best Apps to Install XAPK

Okay so if you are looking for the best apps to install xapk files on your android device then here are the best apps for installing xapk –

  1. Apkpure App
  2. Uptodown Apk Installer
  3. XAPK Installer
  4. Apk Installer pro
  5. App Bundle Installer

If you want the list for more apps then comment below.

Fix XAPK not Working after Installing

Okay, so if you installed an apk manually using the file manager and now the app is not working, then here are the reasons and fixes for it –

  • Wrong Destination – When copying the data files on the xapk to its location you might have pasted the data files in the wrong path. You can fix this by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again with the correct path.
  • App opened before full install – You might have opened the installed app before copying the data files to the obb folder. Always install the app last, first copy the data files to their location then install the apk file that is inside the xapk.

If you made one of these mistakes then chances are that your installed app or game will not work, reinstall the app again properly to fix it. Thank you.

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