Install WordPress in XAMPP । Install WordPress in Localhost

Few days back I saw a question on Quora that “How to install WordPress with XAMPP”. And in response to this question, I thought why not write a detailed blog post on this topic.

If you also want to come into the world of blogging and start your own WordPress blog but do not want to spend money during the development of the blog, then you can create a blog by installing your WordPress blog on local host in your own computer.

Which you can later migrate and deploy in a web hosting.

Installing WordPress in XAMPP – Install XAMPP –

1. First of all we have to download XAMPP for which we will go to its official site – and download XAMPP from here according to your operating system.


2. Now we will locate the .exe file of XAMPP and run it.


3. After running the exe file, the setup wizard of Xampp will open in which we just have to click on Next. If you want, you can change the installation directory.


4. After this XAMPP will be installed in your computer.

Download and Extract WordPress CMS –

Now we will download WordPress which is a free CMS and for which you do not need any money. Will download WordPress from its official site –

1. To download WordPress, go to this link (Download WordPress). Visit here and scroll down a bit where you will get the option of download WordPress. On clicking it, the zip file of WordPress will be downloaded.


2. Now we have to go to our XAMPP folder which we installed in C drive. The location of this folder is by default in C drive only if you have not installed it in any other location.

Install-WordPress-in-xampp-open-xampp-folder (6)

3. Go to the htdocs folder inside the XAMPP folder.


4. Now you have to create a folder in htdocs which you can give any name. I have named this folder as localsite.


5. After this, we will extract all the files of the WordPress zip file that we had downloaded in our C:xampphtdocslocalsite. Keep in mind that the folder path may be different for you.


Create Database in phpMyadmin –

Now you have to search XAMPP in your windows or mac. By searching you will find a XAMPP Control Panel which you have to open. And in this you have to start Apache and Mysql.


1. Now we have to create a database in phpmyadmin for which we will type ” https://localhost/phpmyadmin/ ” in any web browser.


2. After going to this address, we will click on the database.

3. After this we have to give a name to the database which will be the name of the folder in which we extracted the WordPress files. In my case it is localsite. After entering the name, press the create button, which will create a database.


Install WordPress on Localhost –

1. Now we will close phpmyadmin and then type ( ” https://localhost/localsite ” ) in the web browser. Where we will complete the installation of wordpress. After visiting this link, we have to select the language of WordPress.


2. After this we will click on continue and then we have to give the name of the database which we have given in phpmyadmin. And then give root to the username in it and click on submit. After clicking on submit, we have to click on “Run the Installation”.


3. Now we will give a name to our website and then we add a username and a password. Click on the button of Confirm use of weak password. And finally enter your email / gmail in it so that if you forget your password in future then you can reset it.


4. Now click on “Install WordPress” and then after installing, login by clicking Log In. To login to WordPress regularly, go to https://localhost/localsite/wp-admin/ and login with your username and password.


5. WordPress has now been installed and you can now create your website in it.


Keep in mind that you should change the username and password of the database and WordPress while publishing the website online.

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