How to Install Tableau Server on Ubuntu 18.04

Today I’ll walk you through the steps to Install Tableau Server on Ubuntu 18.04. You can easily install a Tableau server on your ubuntu device after following this tutorial. Now before we see the installation process of tableau server, let’s see what tableau is.

Tableau Server – is a web-based data analysis tool that allows for the analysis of data in a wide variety of formats. It also enables users to create interactive dashboards that can be published on the internet.

Download Tableau Server

Okay, so the first step is to download the tableau server. You can download Tableau using the terminal or directly from the official website. I’ll first show you how you can download tableau using the terminal –

Download Tableau Server using terminal

We will use wget to download tableau, so make sure you have wget installed on your ubuntu. You can check whether you have wget installed on your ubuntu or not by using this command –

wget --version

After entering the above command you will get an output in the terminal which will say something like “ GNU wget 1.20.3 built on linux-gnu “ this means that wget is installed, if it says command not found then it means wget is not installed on your ubuntu.

You can install wget on your ubuntu 18.04 by using the command –

sudo apt-get install wget

After installing wget, change your working directory to home using the command “cd ~” after that enter the command given below in the terminal which will start the download of Tableau server deb file.


The size of the Tableau server is 2.5GB, so it will take some time to finish downloading depending upon your internet connection.

Get the latest version of Tableau Server from here.

Download Tableau Server using Web Browser

To download tableau server using your web browser, first, open your web browser and paste this link in the web browser – 

This is the direct download link for Tableau Server. After downloading the Tableau server deb file, move the downloaded file from the Downloads folder to the home directory, as by default anything you download using the browser will be downloaded to the downloads directory.

After moving the file start the Tableau Services Manager to install the tableau server.

Start Tableau Services Manager

After downloading the Tableau server, in your terminal type the following commands to first update the index packages.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

After that, we will need to install GDebi-core which we use for installing local deb packages. You can install gdebi-core by entering this command in the terminal – 

sudo apt-get -y install gdebi-core

After gdebi-core finishes downloading and installing, use gdebi to install the downloaded Tableau server deb file. The format for this will be – “sudo gdebi -n downloaded-file-name

For us, it will be this one – 

sudo gdebi -n tableau-server-2021-3-4_amd64.deb 

Wait for it to finish installing the tableau deb file, it will take some time. 

Now to start the Tableau Services Manager we’ll have to run the “./initialize-tsm” file located at the path “/opt/tableau/tableau_server/packages/scripts_version/initialize-tsm”.

After the installation of the tableau deb file, at the end of the installation, you will get an output in the terminal that will give you the command that you will need to enter for a single node or initial node installation. It will be in this format – “sudo /opt/tableau/tableau_server/packages/scripts_version/initialize-tsm –accepteula”.

initialize tsm

Copy the command shown in the terminal and enter it.

Once this finishes you can now use the web installer to finish the installation process of Tableau server.

Connect to the web interface of Tableau server by going to http://your-server-ip:8850 or if you want to run it locally then its http://tableau:8850 or http://localhost:8850 

Login, Register and Setup Tableau Server

After going to the web address of the Tableau server, you will be asked to first log in. Log in using your username and your password. 

After logging in you will be on the Activation page of Tableau, here if you have a product key then enter it. If you don’t, then at the bottom you will get the option to try Tableau for free for 14 days. Click on “Start Tableau Server Trial” to continue.

After that, you will be on the Register page where you will need to enter all the information that is asked there, and after that click on Register.

Now here on the Setup page, select the identity store. I have selected “local” here. After that click on Initialize to Start the Initialization process of the Tableau server. Now the Initialization will take some time to finish like 10 min or something.

After initialization finishes, you will be asked to create a Tableau server Administrator Account. To do that open your terminal and paste the command given below –

tabcmd initialuser --server 'localhost:80' --username 'your_username_here' 

Add a username of your choice and log in to your Tableau server using this username.

And that’s it, that’s how you can Install Tableau Server on your ubuntu 18.04. If you found this tutorial helpful then be sure to comment below and also subscribe to my youtube channel here.


Is Tableau server supported on Ubuntu 20.04 ?

No, currently Tableau server is not supported on ubuntu 20.04. However, the developers of tableau have said that they are working on making tableau server supported on other versions of ubuntu. They said that 2 years ago, so I don’t think the Tableau server for ubuntu 20.04 is coming anytime soon.

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