Latest India News | WhatsApp to roll out email verification feature for iOS users

WhatsApp is introducing a new update for iOS users, enabling them to link their email addresses to their accounts for account verification, as per Webetainfo. This method allows users to authenticate their WhatsApp accounts using email verification rather than SMS, proving useful in situations where Wi-Fi is available but cellular connectivity is not. Initially available to WhatsApp beta users, this feature is now being rolled out to general users worldwide.

The 23.24.70 update on the App Store brings the email address verification feature for iOS users, with an expected rollout on Android as well. While the feature has not been received on both iOS and Android as of now, reports indicate a phased rollout is in progress.

Previously relying solely on phone numbers and OTP-based SMSes for user verification, WhatsApp faced challenges in areas with poor cellular network coverage. The introduction of email address verification provides users with an optional method that can be enabled or disabled as needed. WhatsApp assures users that the new feature enhances account access without being visible to others, adding an extra layer of security for those concerned about sharing their email addresses.

Despite continuing to prioritise mobile number verification as the primary authentication method, WhatsApp acknowledges the benefit of email address verification for users in low cellular network zones or frequent travellers. Users can enable the feature in Settings > Account > Email Address, allowing them to receive the 6-digit code via email instead of SMS. If the feature is not yet available, users can expect it to reach their accounts in the coming weeks.