Latest India News | Solar Storm: Solar Storm Alert: Multiple CMEs and Radiation Storms Approach Earth, Geomagnetic Storm Expected

Space Weather forecast suggest that there is an S2-class solar radiation storm is in progress which can trigger a G1-G2 class geomagnetic storm on Earth. Is there any terror? Know all the details.

Powerful solar storm is expected to bring geomagnetic storm soon.

Multiple solar storms are currently heading towards Earth, according to the latest forecast models and observations. These incoming storms have the potential to cause moderate geomagnetic storms and auroras when they arrive. As per a report, an S2-class solar radiation storm commenced on February 13th and is currently in progress. This storm began on February 12th when an eruption on the Sun’s southwestern limb ejected high-energy protons in Earth’s direction. These “hard protons” with energies greater than 50 MeV are currently bombarding our planet.

According to NASA, Solar radiation storms happen when vast amounts of charged particles, including protons and electrons, undergo acceleration near or on the Sun. As a result of these processes, the space environment around Earth is inundated with high-energy particles. These events are categorized using the S-scale, ranging from S1 to S5, where S1 denotes a minor occurrence and S5 represents an extreme event. The scale is based on particle flux, specifically focusing on particles with energies exceeding 10 MeV.

The report further mentioned tha the solar radiation storm is disrupting shortwave radio communications inside the Arctic Circle. It is also causing temporary issues for some satellites in Earth orbit. Cameras on certain satellites are detecting white speckling from proton hits.