Latest India News | ‘Rahul Gandhi died for country’: BJP mocks Kharge’s faux pas during poll speech | Latest News India

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday mocked Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge after he mistakenly named Rahul Gandhi while referring to his father Rajiv Gandhi.

Congress President MalliKarjun Kharge during an election meeting in Hanumangarh on Monday.(ANI)

While addressing a poll rally in Rajasthan’s Anupgarh, Kharge mistakenly said that leaders like “Rahul Gandhi gave up their lives” for the nation’s unity.

After he was alerted about the gaffe by those present at the stage, Kharge corrected himself saying that he meant to refer to Rajiv Gandhi. He also issued an apology.

“I apologise. I mistakenly said Rahul Gandhi…Rajiv Gandhi gave his life for the nation’s unity. While the Congress party has leaders who gave their lives for the nation, the BJP has leaders who take lives.”

The BJP, however, was quick to pick on the gaffe by the Congress president. The party shared a clipped video of Kharge on their social media handle, saying “When did this happen?”.

The polls for the 200-member assembly in Rajasthan are scheduled for November 25. The votes will be counted on December 3.