Latest India News | OnePlus AI Music Studio lets users create songs with text prompts, how to generate a new song in minutes

New Delhi,UPDATED: Nov 21, 2023 12:01 IST

Until now, composing music was a power concentrated in hands of a few people. Composing a new track generally involves multiple people as there are singers, lyricists, backup singers, musicians, etc. But what if we told you that you can compose your own song in just a couple of minutes? Say hello to OnePlus AI Music Studio.

OnePlus, which has established itself as one of the most renowned smartphone makers in the industry, recently announced its latest invention- the OnePlus AI Music Studio. The AI tool will let users compose their own songs, within a few minutes. All that you have to do is enter a prompt, set the genre and tone of the song, and that’s it.

OnePlus announced AI Music Studio

OnePlus’ Director of Marketing Ishita Grover talked about the newly-launched venture and said that the OnePlus team is dedicated to “fostering innovation and enabling their community to push boundaries”

She added, “The OnePlus AI Music Studio embodies our commitment to empowering users to explore their creativity in unprecedented ways.”

The AI Music studio allows users to generate lyrics and blend them with AI-generated beats, resulting in a brand new song.

Talking about the AI platform, Grover said that the AI Music Studio isn’t just a tool, but an “unparalleled fusion of technology and creativity, providing users the opportunity to unleash the artist within.”

“It’s about giving our community the power to shape their musical journey,” Grover said in a press release.

After generating a new song, users can also share it with the world by hitting the Publish button. OnePlus says that the users will be able to “download and spotlight their masterpieces across various social media platforms.” In addition to this, the AI Music Studio provides an avenue for recognition, enabling users’ tracks to be voted to the top and potentially featured by OnePlus.

How to generate a new song within minutes

To generate a new song using OnePlus’ new platform, simply follow the steps below:

Set up your account: Create an account on the OnePlus AI Music Studio website or use your existing OnePlus account to log in.

Choose your genre: Select from a variety of genres, including hip-hop, EDM, and more.

Customize your song: Adjust the mood, theme, and other elements of your song to get the perfect sound.

Provide a prompt: Now, it is time to enter a prompt. Simply enter a few words or a sentence that will inspire the AI to create your song. Once you are ready with the prompt, click on generate.

Finalise the lyrics: Based on your prompt, the AI platform will generate some lyrics. Go through them and if you like them, turn to the next step. You can also regenerate the lyrics if you aren’t satisfied with them.

Review and finalize: If you are happy with the lyrics, click on Proceed and the song will be generated. Once your song is generated, you can listen to it and review it.

Share your music: To share your creation with friends, family, and the world, hit Publish. You can also download the song and keep it with you.

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Divyanshi Sharma

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Nov 21, 2023