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Google is shaking up the world of conversational AI with the debut of Gemini, its new AI chatbot now unveiled in a dedicated Android app. It offers conversational capabilities that showcase Google’s AI advancements and promises a potential revolution in how we interact with our smartphones.

As of writing, the Google Gemini app is only officially available in the US. But thankfully, Google hasn’t restricted the app from the server-end, so users in other regions can still test out the new app. An extra step would be needed to get it up and running. Here’s the current process:

1. Locate a trusted third-party site like to download Gemini’s Android APK file.
2. Grant any necessary permissions within your device’s security settings for installing apps from unverified sources.
3. Open the Gemini app, tap “Get Started,” agree to the terms of service, and begin your explorations of the new app.

(Image: Google)

After that quick setup, Gemini replaces your usual Google Assistant experience. Whether you download the Gemini app or simply opt-in, saying “Hey Google” won’t bring your faithful Assistant anymore – it’s all Gemini, all the time. The same goes for hitting your power button or using those handy gesture shortcuts on your phone.

Nevertheless, this APK workaround won’t be needed for long. Gemini is slated for a full Android and iOS launch in the coming weeks, allowing direct download from the familiar Play Store or App Store.

But there’s a catch…

Gemini is more of an AI chatbot than it is a voice assistant, meaning it can’t perform some functions Assistant users may be familiar with. The chatbot is smart enough to evoke Assistant for certain commands like setting an alarm, but not all of them work.

So before deciding whether this AI swap is right for you, consider that some beloved Google Assistant features haven’t yet made their way to Gemini:

Media integration: Podcasts, news stations, various radio feeds, and third-party music apps aren’t supported as of yet.
Routines: Automated routines remain exclusive to Google Assistant.
Reminders: Tasks and reminders will need an alternative management system during your Gemini experience.
Interpreter Mode: Google Assistant is still your go-to for multilingual assistance.

Can you switch back?

Rest assured, if Gemini doesn’t meet your expectations, Google Assistant awaits. Uninstalling the Gemini app seamlessly reinstates Google Assistant as your default digital companion.