Latest India News | B vitamins supplementation improves reflex, motor strength in peripheral neuropathy patients – P&G study

Peripheral neuropathy is characterised by numbness, tingling, burning, pins and needles in the feet and hands.

It is caused by multiple reasons such as inflammation, alcohol misuse, infection, B-vitamins deficiencies, and diabetes.

Writing in the Journal of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology, ​researchers from Universitas Indonesia, P&G Health, and Duta Wacana Christian University pointed out that B vitamins supplementation has shown to improve reflex, motor strength, and sensory perception in peripheral neuropathy patients.

This is according to findings from the Neurobion Non-interventional (NENOIN) clinical study.

This was a prospective, open-label, multi-center, single-arm observational study which took place in Indonesia.

It involved 411 participants suffering from mild to moderate peripheral neuropathy who were prescribed 100 mg of vitamin B1, 100 mg of B6, and 5 mg of B12 daily for 90 days. This formulation is also marketed as Neurobion® Forte tablets in Indonesia.

Among them, peripheral neuropathy has occurred either spontaneously (27.3 per cent) or diabetes (25.3 per cent). Most suffered peripheral neuropathy due to a combination of factors (30.7 per cent).

The results of B vitamins supplementation were evaluated with neurological examination comprising 51 assessments at baseline, days 14, 30, 60, and 90 of the study.

The examination, for instance, assessed knee, ankle reflexes using an ordinal four-point scale and looked at whether the reflexes were absent, reduced, normal, or increased.