How to Install, Setup & Use Microsoft IndexNow Plugin on WordPress

Today I’ll show you how you can install, set up & Use the Microsoft IndexNow plugin on your WordPress website.

The IndexNow plugin by Microsoft is a new protocol created to help webmasters to submit their website URLs to search engines that are using the INdexNow protocol. This plugin will help in notifying the search engines when there’s any change in your website.

It will automatically notify the search engines of new posts, or deleted or updated posts. This will help in maintaining the SEO of your website or blog as the search engine will crawl, index your website better.

Install & Activate IndexNow Plugin

You can install the Microsoft IndexNow plugin using two methods, you can either download it directly from the website or you can search it within your WordPress admin dashboard.

If you want to download it directly from the official website, here is the link for that –

Just go to the link above and click on the download button, this will download an file to your downloads folder. Once the download finishes go log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.

download indexnow plugin

After logging in to the admin dashboard, go to plugins > Add New, here at the top click on “Upload Plugins” then choose the file.

Select the downloaded indexnow zip file from your computer and click on Install Now. This might take a few seconds to complete, after it finishes installing click on Activate Plugin to activate the IndexNow plugin.

upload plugin in wordpress

Now, if you don’t want to go through all of the steps above then you can install the IndexNow plugin by just logging in to your admin dashboard.

Here go to Plugins > Add New. In the search bar search for “IndexNow”, here now install the IndexNow Plugin by Microsoft. Once installed click on activate to activate the plugin.

install and activate indexnow plugin from wordpress admin

The settings of the IndexNow plugin can be found in the left admin menu. Here just click on the IndexNow option.

Setup IndexNow Plugin

After installing and activating the plugin you will have to now set up the plugin to be able to use it.

If you click on the IndexNow plugin option from the admin menu the first time, then you will see the setup screen of the plugin. First, you will need to click on the “Let’s get Started” button.

click on lets get started in indexnow plugin

Now you will be in the plugin dashboard, here if you want then you can keep the default setting of auto submission of blog posts when they update, publish, or get deleted. Or you can make it manual so that it will not automatically submit the URLs to the search engines.

If you want to change the submission of URLs in the IndexNow plugin from automatic to Manual then just click on the three dots at the “Automate URL submission” section and click on “Edit Preference”.

edit preference indexnow plugin

The Edit preference for Automate URL Submission will be enabled by default, all you will need to do is choose the Disable option and click on Save. Now your website URLs won’t get submitted to search engines automatically.

How to use IndexNow Plugin

Using the IndexNow plugin is fairly easy, after installing and setting up the plugin you can let it automatically submit the URLs of your website when they update or get deleted or you can make it manual.

To manually submit a URL to the IndexNow plugin, first copy the URL of the post or page that you want to submit to the search engines.

After that go to the IndexNow plugin dashboard from the admin menu. Here in the Manual URL Submissions section, click on the submit URL option. Enter your URL and click on Submit URL to submit the URL to the search engines.

Manual URL submission in IndexNow Plugin

You can see the status of the URL whether it was submitted successfully or not below in the URLs submitted section.

When will the Submitted URL in IndexNow Plugin get Indexed?

Now after submitting the Url of your website’s page or post to the IndexNow plugin you might be wondering when it will get indexed.

For your page or post to get indexed in the different search engines, your post or page must follow the different guidelines of the search engines. The IndexNow plugin only notifies the search engine that the submitted URL exists on the web so that the search engines can try to index it.

Submitting the Url to the IndexNow plugin doesn’t mean that it will get Indexed. It only works as a tool to notify search engines about your URLs.

How to Uninstall IndexNow plugin Completely

If you don’t want to use the IndexNow plugin anymore and want to get rid of all the data of the plugin then you can just deactivate and delete the plugin.

Deleting the IndexNow plugin will remove all the data associated with the plugin from your WordPress website.

That’s it, that is how you can install, set up and use the IndexNow plugin By Microsoft to submit the Urls of your website for Indexing to different search engines like bing, yandex, google etc.

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