How to Increase Ezoic EPMV with a Few Simple Steps

Today I’ll walk you through some simple steps that you can take on your ezoic approved website to get the highest possible epmv. This means you can earn more revenue with less traffic. 

Okay, let’s see the things that you need to change on your website if you want higher epmv (earnings per mile visitors).

1. Place More Placeholders

Placeholders are potential ad locations where ezoic might or might not display an ad. That is why it’s best to place as many placeholders as you can for the ezoic ai to do the testing. 

When you place more placeholders on your website, the Ezoic AI gets to test more combinations of ad display, which means that after a few weeks of testing you get more revenue as the ezoic ai now knows the best places to display an ad for high conversion. 

This will also help in increasing your EPMV as the more you earn, the more premium networks will display their high epmv ads on your website. If you want to know how you can place ezoic placeholders on your WordPress website then check this post out – How to place Ezoic Placeholders on a WordPress Website.

2. Write Longer Posts

So the reason why you should write longer posts is because, firstly the longer your posts are the higher the chance of that post to rank in organic search, which means that you will get high-quality traffic from the web, the better the quality of traffic = more the epmv.

Another reason why you should write longer posts is that in a long blog post you can add more placeholders, which means more ads will be displayed and you will earn more revenue.

But do remember that you should not try to stretch a blog post and just make the blog post longer, always write something that will help the visitor and not something that is just there to make the post longer.

3. Get Traffic from Top Tier Countries

Now, this is probably the most important thing that your site needs, always try to get traffic from top-tier countries like the United States, Japan, United kingdom, etc, if you want to have higher epmv.

epmv of high tier and low tier countries

Because generally, the traffic you get from these countries has very high epmv compared to low tier countries like India, Philippines, etc. This is the reason that most of the people that do keyword research tend to look at the search difficulty in the United States, because if they can rank in these top-tier countries then they will earn more revenue.

And, also try to get more traffic from google instead of getting it from social media and youtube, because the traffic you get from google organic is higher in quality than the traffic that you get from social media.

4. Use High Quality keywords

Writing blog posts that contain high-quality keywords is very important when you want to have a higher epmv, that is because keywords that have more search volume and advertisements will earn you more revenue.

For example, “web hosting” is a keyword that is searched a lot on the web, which also means that there are lots of companies that have placed ads on this keyword, thus increasing the competition and increasing the epmv for this keyword.

high cpc keyword

So, if you write blog posts with high-quality keywords, then ezoic will display more paying ads on your website which will increase your epmv. 

Now one thing to take note of is that you should never write blog posts on keywords that are too competitive, as you will never rank on google with that, instead try to write on long-tail keywords with medium to low competition keywords.

5. Get Traffic from Social Media

Now as I said before in this blog post, that “social media traffic is low quality”, now that is true, but the thing is that for a blog post to rank on google it needs a little bit of push from outside traffic.

This means that you should try to get some traffic from social media to your new blog posts so that they can rank better on google search, which of course in return will provide you with high-quality traffic from google once it ranks. 

6. Place Floating Placeholders

Floating placeholders also called sticky sidebar ad are ezoic placeholders that stay in a fixed place even when you scroll the page. 

sticky sidebar ad ezoic

This placeholder is mostly placed in the sidebar of a website where when a user scrolls down they will always see the floating ad on the sidebar. This placeholder can earn you a lot of revenue on the desktop version of your website.

As this placeholder is always displaying an ad to your visitor, this will increase the chances of you getting more premium high epmv ads showing on that floating placeholder. You should only use this placeholder on the sidebar of your desktop, don’t use it on the mobile version of your site, as it will ruin the user experience.

NOTE: If you want to use Sticky sidebar ad then enable it in Ad tester settings in ezoic. After that place the sticky ad placeholder.

7. Change Ezoic Settings

There are some settings that you should change in your ezoic dashboard which can increase the epmv that you get on your website.

Enable Vignette Ads – Vignette Ads are full-screen ads that are displayed during page load. You can enable Vignette Ads by going to the Monetization tab, there scroll down, and in “Ad tester” click on general settings.

Here enable both Vignette Ads for Mobile and Vignette Ads for Tablet and click on save.

Enable NATIVE AD UNITS – Go to the Monetization tab and scroll down, here look for NATIVE AD UNITS and turn it on.

Native ad units are sponsored content that will appear at the bottom of your blog post, these are ads of blog posts on other websites that are related to the blog post you have written.

native and vignette ads

Turn on Ezoic – First go to the settings tab of ezoic, here in “Turn on Ezoic” click on the “update settings” button and make everything 100%, this will send all the traffic you receive through ezoic, this will help in increasing your epmv.

Change Optimisation Goals – Go to settings, here scroll down, and in optimization goals select balanced or revenue-focused. If you select revenue-focused then ezoic will try to show the user the best variation of ads that will earn you more.

optimization goals ezoic

However, if you select revenue-focused, your site might look a little bit spammy due to too many ads in the test phase of the ezoic ai. 

Okay, so these were the settings that you need to enable on your ezoic website to get a little bit higher epmv.

8. Add more Images

Adding more images to your website helps in making the post longer in (px) which means that you can add more placeholders and ads.

Adding images also improves user experiences and helps increase the time that a user spends on your website, due to which you earn more revenue and also get higher epmv ads from advertisers, as they think that your website has some value to show their ads.

9. Increase Font Size

Increasing the font size of your website works the same as images, when you increase the font size of your website, the length of the post becomes longer and it also makes it easier for users to read what is written properly.

The optimal font size that you should use from higher epmv will be between 17 – 23px, you should not make the font size more than that as it will make the user experience bad, which will hurt your epmv instead of making it higher.

10. Enable Mediation App

If you have AdSense,, like ad networks approved on your website then you must enable the mediation app, mediation app can increase your epmv by a lot.

What the mediation app does is that it makes ezoic compete with other ad networks for placing ads on your website, which means that for a single ad space both will place their bids, and the one who places the higher bids gets to display their ads on that ad space.

So, the more competition between the ad networks, the more epmv you will get. This is why you must enable the mediation app if you are approved in other ad networks.

You can enable the mediation app by going to the “Monetization” tab, scrolling down a little and you will get the mediation option.

Do note that if instead of ezoic winning the bid any other ad network does then you will be paid by the other ad network and not in ezoic, like if AdSense won the bid then the money you get will be in your AdSense account and not ezoic.

11. Enable LEAP

Leap is a toolset by ezoic that helps you in optimizing your website’s speed and performance. With the help of leap, you can do many things like minifying static assets, optimizing images, optimizing scripts, etc.

This helps in making your website faster, which means that your website will rank higher on google search which will bring high-quality traffic to your website and this also helps in making the ads load faster which means that you will not miss out on any revenue.

You can enable or change leap settings by going to the “Speed” tab and clicking on “Optimisation settings” to change the settings of the Leap app.

With the higher loading speed of your website, you will get a higher EPMV.

12. Increase User Experience

User experience is everything in the world of blogging, do you have a fast, smooth, easy-to-navigate, not spammy website? 

Because if your website is not fast, smooth, easy to navigate, and is very spammy, then chances are that the visitors that visit your website will leave your site after reading it for a few seconds, which will send a signal to Google that your website is not good as the user is not staying there for a longer time.

This will ultimately hurt your SEO and will lower your website rank, also due to low time on the page, you will get very low epmv. 

That is why the user experience is very important if you want higher EPMV on all of your blog posts.

Make the user experience on your website better by making the font size and look better, adding high-quality photos, adding proper headings, and increasing the speed of your website.

One more thing that you can add to your blog posts to make them better is adding videos, videos are a great way to explain a complicated thing that you cannot explain by text, so try to add videos to your blog posts, it will also help in increasing the time a user spends on your website.

13. Make Loyal Audience

So what is the connection between a Loyal Audience and Higher EPMV?? Well, it’s all about “TRUST”.

If you have a loyal audience then the chances of them clicking on the ads shown on your website are higher, as people trust your website so they will also trust everything displayed on your website.

Now if you are getting a lot of clicks on your ads then the ezoic epmv will also increase as advertisers will compete with higher bids to place ads on your website as the conversion rate is very high on your website. 

NOTE: Never ask your audience to click on ads. This will count as invalid clicks and it is also against ezoic policy, your account will get terminated if you ask users to click on the ads on your website in any way.

14. Write on Trending Topics

Writing on trending topics can be very beneficial for your website, trending topics can provide you with a lot of traffic which in turn will increase your revenue.

If the trending topic is of a high-quality keyword then you will have more epmv. Overall it’s a good thing to write blog posts on trending topics.

Conclusion –

Everybody wants a higher epmv on their website because with higher epmv you can earn more revenue with little traffic. You will have to work a lot harder and smarter if you want to have a higher ezoic epmv.

Just make sure that you keep the user experience good, your website loading speed fast, and do proper keyword research. Try to get traffic from search instead of getting traffic from social media and try to build a loyal audience.

Keep writing high-quality blog posts regularly and keep the website updated, make people trust your website and you will start earning more. And that is how you will be able to Increase Ezoic EPMV easily.

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