How to Fix Postman Crashing on Startup in Ubuntu

Today in this post I will talk about how we can fix the crashing of Postman on ubuntu during startup and also during regular usage.

I will show you some common causes and also some technical ones that might be the reason for the postman software to crash on your ubuntu system. I will provide you with the solutions for all those problems in this post.

Okay, let’s now start and see the possible causes of the postman crash and also fix it.

1. Update Postman

Now, this is the first thing that you should do. Go to the Postman downloads page and download and update to the latest version of postman right away.

Because the reason for the crash might be some glitch in the software that is in your version of postman, updating postman will help in fixing the crash if it was caused by any bug or glitch.

2. Uninstall and Reinstall

If updating postman didn’t help then you should try uninstalling and reinstalling the postman software.

Now before you uninstall postman, make sure that you have made backups of collections, environments, data dumps, and globals stored, etc. 

You will lose the data stored in postman if you uninstall it without backup.

You can easily import those backups after you have installed a fresh version of postman.

Now after you have uninstalled postman from your system you will have to delete all the files that were stored in postman. You can find these files in the directory where you installed postman. 

You should do this because we want a fresh installation of postman and don’t want any files from the previous installation.

After deleting the old files, install the latest version of postman and import your data.

This method should fix the crashing if something was wrong with the postman software. If it’s still not fixed then see the other possible causes below.

3. Prevent Conflicts Between Programs

During the Ubuntu startup, is there a different program that is also running in the background or foreground along with postman?

Chances are that a single program or multiple programs are creating conflict during the startup processes that is making postman to crash.

To fix this, what you can do is that you can close all other programs and just run postman alone. Also turn off auto start for all other programs. This will make sure that during the startup process only postman runs.

4. Increase Your RAM

So how much RAM does your device have, 2gb? 4gb? Because chances are that you might be running out of RAM, and that’s causing postman to not run properly and thus it is crashing.

This happens because during the startup process, lots of different programs are also trying to start which means everyone is hungry for RAM.

This is a very common problem with users that use Ubuntu in a virtual box. Because the RAM is very limited in the virtual box as you are sharing it with your windows computer. Giving the virtual box a little more RAM can help.

But if you are not using a virtual box to run Ubuntu, then you will have to upgrade your pc or laptop’s ram in order to fix this.

4. Check Compatibility –

Now, this is something that is not that common because these days almost every pc will be able to run postman. But if you are using an old pc then there might be a little bit of chance that postman is not compatible with your pc.

If your pc is not old then you can try the other methods to fix the crash of postman on Ubuntu.

5. Disable Antivirus –

Are you using an antivirus on your computer? Like Bitdefender, quick heal, etc.? Then there might be a very high chance that during the installation process of postman some important files were removed from postman software.

This is a very common problem when installing any software on a computer with antivirus installed and running during any software installation. 

Sometimes the antivirus software will detect safe files as unsafe during the installation process and then remove them from the installation process. This means that your installation will be completed but the installed software like postman will have some important files missing.

This can cause lots of different problems like crashing and missing features. So, that’s why whenever installing any trusted software from a trusted site make sure you disable the antivirus.

Note: Only disable antivirus for trusted software downloaded from trusted sources.

Conclusion –

Okay, so that is how you can Fix Postman Crashing on Startup in Ubuntu. It’s very easy to fix the crash, just follow the steps shown above and you will have your problem fixed.

The most common reasons for postman crashing on ubuntu are due to low memory and due to missing files. Which you can fix by uninstalling and reinstalling postman with antivirus disabled.

Thank you for reading, comment below if you need any help.

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