How to setup Ads.txt in Ezoic using Ads.txt Manager

Today in this tutorial I will walk you through the steps to set up Ads.txt on your ezoic approved website that is required for ezoic to display advertisements on your website. I will show you three ways that you can use to set up ads.txt for ezoic.

What is Ads.txt and Ads.txt Manager – Ads.txt (Authorized digital sellers) is a text file that contains all the digital sellers that are authorized to sell the ad inventory of your website. This means that only the sellers and resells listed on your ads.txt file will be able to sell your ad inventory.

Ads.txt Manager is a free tool that allows you to manage and maintain your ads.txt, with the help of this tool you can keep your ads.txt fresh and safe from unauthorized sellers. Okay, now we know what ads.txt and ads.txt manager are so let us see how we can set up ads.txt on ezoic.

Setup Ezoic Ads.txt Manually

To set up the ads.txt of your ezoic approved website manually using ads.txt manager, you will need to first create an account on

To create an account on adstxtmanager, first, visit its official website at – and on the homepage click on “Get Started Now”.


Now on the register page, you will need to create a free adstxtmanager account, here you will need to enter your website name(domain name), email, password, name, company. Once all the details have been filled in, accept the terms and click on “Create My Account”.

Once the account is created, log in to the adstxtmanager dashboard by going to, Now in the dashboard click on “Get Started”, in “what is ads.txt” click on next.

click get started on adstxtmanager

In the “Authorize” tab scroll down and look for Ezoic & Google AdSense (if you also have AdSense approved), Authorize both Ezoic and Google Adsense, and go back up and click on next.

authorize ezoic and adsense in adstxtmanager

In the “Import” tab if you already have an ads.txt file that you want to use then you can import it to your adstxtmanager by clicking on “Import ads.txt”, for a regular user like you and me scroll down and click on next.

On the “Redirect” tab copy the Account ID that is shown there, after that click on next.

copy adstxtmanager account ID

Now go to your ezoic dashboard, go to the monetization tab and scroll down to find the Ads.txt settings, Click on “Manual Setup” which will open the ads.txt manager settings of ezoic.

Here in the “Instructions” tab click on next, after that in the “ads.txt manager” tab paste the Account ID that you got from the adstxtmanager website. Select your domain and click on save to continue.

enter account id and select domain in adstxtmanager

In the “Setup Redirect” tab, turn on Ads.txt manager and click on Verify. If everything was done properly then in the Verification tab you will see a green Status Complete. 

Do note that it might take a few minutes for the integration to complete, so click on verify after a few minutes if it throws an error.

turn on adstxtmanager

Once the verification is complete in Ezoic, go back to adstxtmanager and click on next which will bring the validate tab, here click on RE-VALIDATE SITE, if the verification was successful in ezoic then in adstxtmanger it will also say Integrated.

validate ads.txt in adstxtmanager

To check if the ads.txt file is working on your website or not just go to which will display your ads.txt file that looks like this – 

ads_txt of a website

That’s it, that’s how you can set up ads.txt on ezoic manually using adstxtmanager, now let’s see the automatic method to set up ads.txt on ezoic.

Setup Ezoic Ads.txt Automatically

To set up ads.txt automatically on ezoic you will need to first go to the monetization tab then scroll down to the ads.txt section. Here you will get two options- Manual and Automatic, click on the Automatic Setup.

First click on create to create an ads.txt manager account (it’s automatic so no need to fill up any form), After that in the preview ads.txt scroll down and click on next.

Now in the “Edit entries” tab click on “Add a network” if you want to also add your Google AdSense account to ads.txt, if you don’t want to then click on Next.

After that in “Ads.txt Setup” select your domain and click on Verify.

If the integration is successful then you will see a green Status complete output. Click on done to close the ads.txt settings.

Setup Ezoic Ads.txt using Plugin

If you want, you can also set up the ads.txt of ezoic using a WordPress plugin, although this method is not recommended as the fewer plugins in a website the better, still, if you want then here are the steps.

To begin, you will need to first Copy your Account ID from the adstxtmanager website, you can get the Account ID by logging in to then clicking on the top right corner menu, this will show you your Account ID.

Copy the Account ID then log in to your WordPress admin, go to Plugins>Add New then search for “Ads.txt Manager” install the plugin, and activate it.

install ads txt manager plugin

Now you can access the settings of the Ads.txt Manager plugin by going to Settings>Ads.txt Manager Settings. In the settings, all you will need to do is paste your Account ID and then click on Save.

ads_txt manager plugin settings

That’s it, your ads.txt should now work, it can be accessed at –

Conclusion –

Setting up an ads.txt on your ezoic website is fairly easy and should just take around 5 – 10 mins, the setup method that is recommended is the automatic one which is very easy to do, no complicated stuff.

If you are facing any problem then comment below (Do remember that sometimes it might take some time for the ads.txt integration to complete). Thank you.

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