How to Get Approved for Ezoic Access Now Easily

If you are thinking of switching from any other ad network to ezoic for monetization of your website, or just thinking of going for ezoic instead of AdSense on your first try, then this guide will help you in knowing all the things you will need to do to get approved for ezoic.

In this guide, I will talk about ezoic monetization requirements, ezoic access now and will also discuss all the things you need to know to get started on ezoic monetization.

What is Ezoic

Ezoic is an award-winning platform for publishers that has lots of different features and tools to help a publisher earn more revenue and also increase traffic. Ezoic uses AI to improve your earnings and uses tools like Leap, Tag tester, Video, etc, to increase your traffic.

Overall ezoic is packed with all the features a website needs to keep growing faster. Now let’s talk about what the ezoic Access Now is.

What is Ezoic Access Now

Ezoic Access Now program is a program for publishers that are getting less than 10000 visitors per month, which means that you don’t need a lot of traffic to get approved for ezoic monetization.

The ezoic access now program is aimed at improving the revenue and traffic of smaller websites that are just starting out, it gives plenty of optimization tools for a new website to improve their quality and revenue. It also provides you with informative materials on how you can grow your website.

Tools like Ezoic Leap, Ezoic Edge, Ezoic Cloud, Intelliprotect, Videos, Big Analytics, Free WordPress hosting, etc, are some of the tools and features that you get if you sign up for Ezoic access now and get approved.

Now if you have a small niche blog or an authority website with few visitors daily, then the ezoic access now program is the place to start, for earning some revenue and improving your website’s performance and quality.

Ezoic Monetization Requirements

Okay so, now let’s talk about all the requirements you must fulfill to get approved for ezoic. Do read all the things and apply them to your blog/website to get approved for ezoic.

1. Traffic –

Even though ezoic says that they don’t require you to have a minimum of traffic to get approved for access now program, still it is a good thing to first get at least a few daily visitors from google because if there is no one to click on your ads, then there is no point of placing ads…

Organic Google traffic is better for ezoic as it is of high quality, getting traffic from social media such as Facebook and Youtube will also work, but those will not be of high quality like organic.

2. Original Content

Ezoic will only approve websites for their Access now program that have original content, content that is written by you with your knowledge, copying someone else’s content and rewriting it in your language will not work.

Websites in a niche such as, news, lyrics, gambling, sports news, etc, that have little to no original content will not be approved for ezoic, other niches like tech, gardening, recipes will have a chance of getting approved if they write unique and original content.

And YLYM (Your Money or Your Life) websites like health, finance will only get approved if they have enough E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).

So, try to write content that is original, and that ranks well in google organic search. Content that doesn’t provide any new value will not be accepted in ezoic access now.

3. Authentic Traffic

All the traffic that you get on your website must be Authentic, meaning that all the website visitors must be real humans and not bots. You cannot encourage someone to visit your website just to get a visitor. All the visitors that you get will need to visit your website for the service or info that you are providing.

Using PBNs or Botnets to get website visitors are some of the things that you cannot do if you want to get approved for ezoic.

Ezoic will check whether the traffic you get on your website is genuine or not, if it turns out to be fake and bots generated traffic, or just people visiting your website from social media with very low time on the page then you will not get approved for ezoic access now.

Get Authentic traffic from google search by doing SEO and ranking your blog posts higher in the search engine.

4. Content Categories

All the content that you publish on your website must be legal and should follow google AdSense guidelines on google ads policy.

Google has a few categories in which if you make content then your website might not be able to place ads or you might face some limitations on placing ads. You can read the full google ads policy here.

Content that promotes, sells, or contains illegal info, products, are not eligible for ezoic, content that contains sexual materials, alcohol, copyrighted materials, or content made for kids is also not eligible for ezoic.

Only write content that is legal and provides value to the already existing content on the internet.

5. Site Navigation

For visitors visiting your website, it should be easier to navigate your website without having to go through lots of things. For example, if your website is about pets and it has different categories like dogs, cats, hamsters, now if someone wants to go to the dog’s category then the visitor should be able to do that easily.

There should be proper menus with all the links to the content that you offer on your website, if possible also add a search bar to your website.

Other things such as fonts and text colors on your website should be easier to read. Like, don’t make the text color grey with the background color black. Keep the fonts at the medium size and don’t choose some not easy to read fonts.

Keep your website design simple and with proper menus and search bar.

6. Public Content

All the content that you write on your website should be open to the public and should not be behind a paywall or login page.

You cannot place ezoic ads on websites that need you to either pay to see the content on the website or need you to log in using any account to see the content. If you don’t want to remove that then you will need to look for something else to monetize your content.

Okay, so now that we have talked about the requirements, let’s now see how we can apply for the ezoic access now program and get accepted for ezoic monetization.

Apply for Ezoic Monetization

Now if you have fulfilled all the requirements for ezoic monetization then you can now proceed to create an account in ezoic, to begin first go to

On the registration page, after you enter your email and confirm the email, after entering your email you will need to enter your domain name here, click next to continue.

enter domain ezoic access now

After that, you will be asked what features of ezoic you want to use, just select all of the features and click on next. You will be redirected to the publisher dashboard of ezoic after that.

select ezoic features

On the publisher dashboard, you will need to watch all the videos that ezoic wants you to see for you to understand ezoic better, like what it is and how it helps your website. You will need to watch the whole video and after that below, you will be asked some questions, you will need to answer them to continue to the next video.

Finish the whole course and after that in getting started, set up all the things you will need for ezoic to show ads on your website.

complete ezoic getting started

The first thing will be to integrate your website with ezoic, to do that you can use Cloudflare, if you don’t want complicated stuff then you can also use the ezoic WordPress plugin for integration.

Once integrated you will need to apply for google ad exchange and ad manager, the process of getting approved for google ad exchange and ad manager generally takes between 1 – 2 days, so you will need to wait sometime for that.

You will also need to set up the ads.txt for which you can follow this tutorial – How to setup Ads.txt in Ezoic Using Adstxt Manager.

After that you will need to place at least ten placeholders on your website, placeholders are locations where ezoic will display ads. You can follow this guide on Ezoic placeholders setup – How to place Ezoic Placeholders on a WordPress website.

The last thing after that will be to turn on traffic, which means proxying all the traffic you get from ezoic. Just turn on all three, desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Now generally it takes around 10 working days for ezoic to review your website, so just wait until you get an email from them regarding your approval for ezoic monetization. Once you get approved, ads will start to show on your website.

NOTE: It might take around 10 days for the earnings to show up on your dashboard.

Why was my Website Rejected by Ezoic?

If you applied for ezoic monetization and ezoic rejected it then here are the possible reasons for it – 

  1. Not original content
  2. Thin content
  3. Copyrighted content
  4. Bad navigation
  5. Deceptive Content
  6. No traffic
  7. Not Ad friendly 
  8. Not Unique

Not Original content – The content on your website is not original and is either scraped from others, spun content, or copied directly, if you did any of these violations then remove all those copied content and write original content yourself.

Thin Content – The blog posts that you write on your blog are very short in length, which means it does not provide any value to the existing content. Try to write content that is at least 700+ words and satisfies the visitor’s search intention.

Copyrighted Content – The content that you write on your website has materials that are copyrighted and thus are not allowed to be used, things like song lyrics, images, videos, etc that are copyrighted will prevent ezoic from approving your website for monetization.

Consider removing them and adding your own original images and videos.

Bad Navigation – Bad navigation is also one of the reasons for not getting approved by ezoic, the review team must have found it difficult to navigate on your website. Make your blog design simple and clean, remove all the useless things to fix the problem. 

Deceptive Content – The content on your website might be deceptive, meaning that your website is claiming something and giving the user something else. Like if your blog post title is about “how to pet a cat” but when the user clicks on the post they see that the post is talking about “how to pet a dog” instead. 

No Traffic – Traffic is something that you will need to get approved for ezoic monetization, you don’t need a lot, but still, you will need at least 1000 visitors per month. So around 30 – 50 visitors per day. You can easily get that much traffic by doing SEO and sharing your blog posts on social media. No traffic = No earnings, so better get some traffic before applying for ezoic.

Not Ad Friendly – Before you write something on your blog, think twice whether the topic that you are writing is suitable for regular users or not, things like sexual content, drugs, alcohol are some things you should not write about. Think twice then write.

Not Unique – Now this is one of the most common reasons for getting rejected by ezoic, if your website is not unique enough then there are chances that your website might not get approved for ezoic. From unique, they mean writing on topics that are not oversaturated and competitive.

Don’t create those spammy tech, recipe websites and think that you will get ezoic approval for that, try to create something unique. 

And these are the things that might be the reason for your ezoic monetization rejection.

Conclusion –

Getting Approval from Ezoic is hard, but if you have a good amount of original and unique content then you can easily get approved for ezoic and show those premium ads on your website. Just remember to post original, unique, ads friendly posts and get a few visitors daily from google search and social media and you will get approved in no time. Thank you.

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